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For $650 I was able to build a sub that easily outperforms the HSU VTF-15H in both extension and output. A sealed 18" HO or SI 18" would outperform many commercial sub's upwards of three times the cost. For the cost of a VTF-15H you could build dual sealed 18"s and experience true bass nirvana. lol. When you get your home you should definitely go DIY straight away.

If I were to start all over again I would still go with the Bic F12. It was my first true subwoofer for the most part, and performed well. I was very happy with it's performance for both music and movies. It wasn't until I heard someone else's sub play music with 20Hz bass that I wanted to move on from the F12.

Very cool, I may do that too!

You must mean something like this then ? - Box $120 - Sub $250 - Plate Amp - $250

AMP maybe a little small for this particular sub, but around $620, not a bad deal!

I'm sure there is a good wealth of information in the DIY section on how to build these, i'm unfamiliar with sealed subs, I'm going to have to do some reading.

Thanks for the recommendation on the F12, I am going to pickup the F12 as soon as it goes back down in price. biggrin.gif