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force surround?

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when i use the "audio" setting to plug in my phone or laptop in from the RCA external, sound only comes out of the sub, left and right.

way to force the center and surround speakers to work as well, even if they're not true to their channels?
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this is for the sony bdv-e770w
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Sure. p27 of the manual explains the surround settings.
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when i go to "surround setting" on the front panel it says NOT IN USE
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Is this what you did on the remote (from p27 of the manual)?
2 Press (Up/Down) repeatedly until “SUR.SETTING” appears in the front panel display, then
press + or >.
3 Press (Up/Down) repeatedly until the surround setting you want appears in the front panel
See the table below for surround sound setting descriptions.
4 Press +.
The setting is made.
The system menu turns off.

The list of settings in the manual from those steps does not include NOT IN USE.
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yep, it's at step 2 i get the error. i'll arrive at the SUR.SETTING option and press + or >, and the "NOT IN USE" error will flash.

when i use the blu ray player for sound, i get full surround, everything works perfectly.

when i use my RCA "audio" input, or the digital optical "TV" input, only the left, right and subwoofer channels work. the center and rear channels do not work.

i use audio RCA for my mp3 player / laptop.

i use the digital optical for my tv / xbox. the setup is as follows: xbox is connected to my sony HDTV via HDMI -- sony HDTV connects audio to the bdv-e770w unit via digital optical cable.
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I can't help beyond that. Sounds like you'll need to call Sony support.

The Surround Setting is where you tell the system you want to use PLII with stereo sources. Does the Surround Setting menu work with a digital stereo source such as a CD? Maybe it can't be used with the analog stereo input, which woulkd be unfortunate.
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Blast, well thanks for your help so far. I contacted Sony support via chat but they wasted 2 hours of my time asking me the same questions over and over again. I'll try to see if the menu works with a different source.

Has anyone else run into similar issue?
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