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Diablo 3 (PS3 and PS4)

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The PC mega-hit is coming to both PlayStation consoles. The PS3 version is due out now, and the PS4 version is coming in 2014.

The minions of Hell grow stronger.
We're excited to announce that Diablo III is being developed for the Sony PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. We'll also be adapting the award-winning action–role-playing game for Sony's newly announced platform: the PlayStation® 4!

Sit Down, Relax, and Kill Some Demons
Diablo III for the PS3™/PS4™ will be based on the core PC game and feature all the latest updates, including Paragon levels, the Infernal Machine event, Monster Power, Brawling, and more. This version is also being tailored with customized controls, a new user interface, and a dynamic camera perspective to provide an awesome Diablo III experience for PlayStation gamers.

Players will be able to wage war against the Burning Hells on their own in single-player games as well as team up and destroy countless demons with their fellow Nephalem in multiplayer games. For multiplayer, players will have the option to choose between four-player online (complete with matchmaking) and four-player local co-op modes for their couch-based warfare.

Here's a PS3 screenshot:


Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is the version coming to the PS4. It will be displayed at 1080P and run at 60 fps, and have all kinds of goodies and enhancements not found in the current PC or PS3 version at no extra charge, including the Reaper of Souls expansion. It will also import your PS3 save file if you have one:

Many courageous nephalem have answered destiny's call and slaughtered thousands of demons since we first announced that the Prime Evil would be returning to Sanctuary on the PlayStation® 3. Now, it's time to begin a new journey on a brand new platform.

From these hallowed halls of BlizzCon® 2013, we're excited to reveal that Acts I-V will be wrapped together into one incredible and action-packed adventure when Diablo® III: Ultimate Evil Edition™ arrives on the PlayStation® 4!

Diablo III on the PlayStation 4 brings a completely new experience to console gamers, delivering all the exciting updates and game-enhancing features premiering in Reaper of Souls on the PC. We've taken full advantage of the system's cutting-edge features with a custom-designed interface, touch pad functionality for the new DUALSHOCK® 4 wireless controller, and powerful social features tailored to improve your demon-slaying experience.

Vanquish your foes with the righteous might of the new Crusader class. Rise to new heights of power with an increased level cap, taking your hero to 70 and unlocking new skills (as well as a fourth passive slot) along the way. Befriend Myriam, the Mystic, to customize both the properties and appearance of your equipment. Explore endlessly with Adventure Mode, where all waypoints are unlocked and world itself is your battlefield. Hunt down objectives and complete all-new Bounties for legendary rewards. And don't forget to prepare for the slew of new monsters lurking behind every shadowy corner, awaiting a chance to rip your hero limb-from-limb!

At BlizzCon this weekend? If you haven't stopped by yet, don't miss out on playing the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition demo in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center! Wield a DUALSHOCK 4 controller for yourself and be sure not to leave any survivors behind.

For those of you at home or tuning in with our Virtual Ticket, we've got a special treat. Enjoy this first look at the new challenges awaiting you on the PlayStation 4:

More PS4 version details:
  • The complete adventures of Act I-V, which takes players from the besieged town of New Tristram to the ancient halls of the Pandemonium Fortress
  • Six powerful character classes to choose from: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard, and the all-new Crusader
  • Newly designed loot system and offline gameplay mode designed to take advantage of the fast-paced action of the console platform
  • Hardcore mode for players who seek the thrill of constant peril that comes with the possibility of permanent death for their character
  • Direct character control and new DUALSHOCK®4 functionality such as color-coded player indicators for same-screen coop and touch pad shortcuts to keep players in the action
  • Seamless cooperative play featuring four-player online co-op and four-player local co-op games
  • PlayStation Network support, which will allow you to connect with friends, send game invitations, and access voice chat
  • Customize your hero’s appearance and augment your items’ power with a new artisan, the Mystic
  • Battle a new menagerie of fiendish monsters slavering for the chance to feast upon Sanctuary’s heroes
  • Never stop exploring with Adventure Mode, where all waypoints are unlocked—the world is your battlefield
  • Engage in Nephalem Rifts, formerly known as Loot Runs, to test your mettle in 10-20 minute dungeons consisting of randomized areas, monsters, and bosses
  • Take on Bounties for fun and rewarding objective-based challenges

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I thought that this announcement was a bit peculiar. I think Blizzard thinks that this game is going to immediately sell a million copies on PS3 and sell well on PS4, but I seriously doubt that it will sell that well. If anybody was really interested in Diablo 3, they probably have a gaming PC, and they've already played it. Plus, it's kinda old hat. I can see them selling like 400K or something, but I don't think it's going to sell millions.
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Plus the fact that Diablo gets a new patch every 2 or 3 weeks. Are they going to patch the PS3/4 version that often too ?
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They can update it with patches.

I just don't think the PS3 or PS4 audience is going to be really excited to play Diablo 3. I mean, I think it will do decently.I just don't see it being a huge phenomenon.
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I agree I don't think it will sell a ton but I bet it will be enough to be profitable. It's just changing the UI somewhat and they have more than recouped their cost of development already.

For me if I could get it cheaply and still have my characters transfer I would get the console version as my PC is busted and I can't afford to replace it ATM.

If I could plug my N52 and keyboard/mouse (or wireless) into a PS4 and play my MMO's I'd never get a new computer.
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It doesn't need to sell a million copies. It simply has to sell enough to cover the cost of the conversion.

This is simply to get console gamers like me interested in Blizzard. It signifies a new partnership for Sony. I'm sure Blizzard is working on a new game for the PS4, too.
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I have it for PC, but I feel like a pad scheme for the game would work really well.
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I made that decision for this genre two years ago. I will only play a 3rd person dungeon crawler with a controller, so this announcement is good news.

In fact, I just thought of something pretty cool... you know how one of the biggest issues with playing these kind of games with a controller means that you can't easily target an area away from your character with an AoE spell or effect like you can by simply aiming with a mouse? There looks to be a couple of ways that the new DS4 controller can address this.

For one, it has a swipe pad that is close enough to a 16x9 display to be a decent alternative to having a mouse for targeted aiming of an area. Simply hold down a spot on the pad with your thumb and a cursor will appear to show where you are aiming. You can then make easy adjustments and press the Magic button or whatever to let it fly at that spot.

Also in play is the light bar on the back each new DS4. Combined with the improved gyro tech in the controller and the new PSEye, you would be able to hold a shoulder button to bring up a cursor on screen which you can then easily control with DS4 tilt.

Even if Diablo 3 doesn't incorporate this stuff, I hope other games in the future consider the possibilities.
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Diablo 3 is why I bought a brand new computer when the game was released. My previous computer was so slow that It could not play Diablo 3 at max settings. There is no way now that Blizzard could tempt me to buy another copy of Diablo 3. I've been there done that wrote the FAQ. Diablo 3 is an unrewarding grind hell with auction house BS. Steer clear. It's funny because Diablo 3 is the reason that I have a new computer that is capable of playing games that far exceed the ps3 and 360.
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They said they will address the Auction House / cool-loot-discovery gap among other things. By the time it ships at the end of this year, a lot of the kinks should be worked out for peeps who have never played it.
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I like Diablo 3, but don't get too excited. They've said that before, they've worked on the game a lot, there's only so much they can do. The game's design just doesn't work for people who wanted more Diablo 2.
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I enjoyed Diable 1 and 2, but don't do PC gaming, so this news is exciting for me. While it may not be a perfect game, it is still something I would like to play. Just to be given the option to check it out on either my PS3 or the PS4 is good news to me.
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Originally Posted by bassmonkeee View Post

It doesn't need to sell a million copies. It simply has to sell enough to cover the cost of the conversion.


Basically, I was just saying that the guy that they had on stage, was acting like millions upon millions of gamers have been waiting with baited breath to play Diablo 3 on consoles.
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Here's a video interview that discusses the upcoming Playstation versions, including the fact that you can play offline if you wish.
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Looking forward to it. I played Diablo 1 on PS1 and Diablo 2 on PC. Since I cannot sit at a desk anymore after doing it all day at work I welcome D3 on the console next fall. I have always enjoyed some co-op dungeon crawls (most for ps3 were junk) put played Champions of Norrath for ps2 online quite a bit with friends. After playing the ps3 MMO DC Universe for about a year (lack of content drove me away) I look forward to any console MMO news as well but not many companys are ambitious enough to take a run at it.
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I also have fond memories of PSOne Diablo, and Champions of Norrath I&II online was fantastic fun.

However, the multiplayer dungeon crawler that I enjoyed the most on console was Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on my PS2. It was one of those titles that I perceived as a "perfect" game back in the day (graphics, gameplay, etc.), and I played through it quite a few times.

One of the most exciting experiences I had with it was when my cousin stopped by for some gaming, and we attempted to beat the game in its shared screen co-op mode on the toughest difficulty without once saving the game (it had no auto save).

So we had to rely on keeping each other alive in many great battles, reviving one another when killed. We went on for quite a few hours, escaping certain death in some crazy situations before finally being defeated. He still talks about the fun we had to this day.

Anyway, I'm also looking forward to hearing more info on the Diablo 3 port.
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I have little desire for PC gaming anymore so I find this pretty cool
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I welcome any PS3 game that offers a local co-op campaign. We need more. I'm sick of games that offer an online co-op campaign but no local co-op.
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Originally Posted by Radio81 View Post

I welcome any PS3 game that offers a local co-op campaign. We need more. I'm sick of games that offer an online co-op campaign but no local co-op.
I agree 100%. I do play online with buddies, but me and my wife have started playing local games more often. It started as just Lego games, then we played the Lara Croft downloadable game, and now we are running Fable 3 together. She is starting to grasp a lot more and is showing an interest in it, so if Diablo comes to Xbox and it has couch co-op, I am pretty sure that we will be running it together.
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Yeah man...local co-op was something we grew up with before the days of internet existed. It's a feature that most games don't seem to make use of anymore. I can't think of how many times I've looked at a new PS3 game thinking "man, that would be awesome with co-op", and then find out that it's online only.

I do play online, but when you have people over, local co-op is nice to have.
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I wish there were more local co-op too. I wonder if its scarcity has to do with the popularity of the first-person or close third-person camera, which require split-screen to do local co-op. With an overhead camera, or a 2D platforming game, it's easy to play co-op on a single screen, but those are the province of smaller games now rather than AAA titles.
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I'm hoping maybe the PC version will get updated with controller support. Probably won't happen, but one can dream. redface.gif
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Agree on local co-op sure online with friends is cool but just hitting 40yrs of age. I miss my local co-op...years ago on Super Ninetendo I used to have 4 man NBA seasons, Madden seasons(coop all n the same team) with my buddies and it kept all our stats and everything even 3 and 4 player champions of norrath or gauntlet legends games. By the time we were done we almost had enough in beer can returns to fund our next purchase!tongue.gif
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As far as PC differences go, you will be able to play off-line, there will be no auction house, the loot drop rate will be adjusted and you can equip gear more easily. Here is some PS3 footage of the game:

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More PS3/PS4 improvements are discussed in the article below as well as the video. A dodge mechanic is added (with right stick), the boss fights are more console'ish, it allows local and online co-op to be mixed, loot gathering is streamlined,and the PS4's touch pad will be used in some way.
When word broke earlier this year that Blizzard's massively anticipated dungeon crawler Diablo 3 would be hitting the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, console and PC gamers alike raised a number of concerns regarding such a transition.

Diablo 3 is one of those titles that, along with the likes of Blizzard's World of Warcraft and Starcraft, is commonly associated with PC-gaming. But the idea of a long-time PC-only title coming to consoles is not unheard of, as a number of popular PC titles have made their way to consoles over the years. The problem? More often than not the console versions were unsatisfactory and only a shadow of its PC counterpart; a clear attempt to squeeze more revenue out of another market whilst exerting little to no effort.

Blizzard, however, has no intentions of jeopardizing its integrity and popularity as a quality game developer. In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine (via VG247), Blizzard's Matthew Burger said that “what we didn’t want to do was emulate a PC game on the console. So, for instance, you can’t plug in a USB keyboard and mouse and play Diablo 3 on PS3. It was really built for the controller. We put a lot work into how we laid out the abilities and the camera. It wouldn’t feel right.”

Taking Blizzard at its word, console gamers eager to dive into the Diablo universe can sleep a little easier at night. Even more promising, Burger mentioned in the interview a number of features and changes that will be exclusive to the console version of the game:

“In the PC version you don’t have evade, on the console version if use your right stick you can evade left, right, back and forward. In this type of game having a dodge roll is fairly traditional on the console so we wanted to make sure we had that. It also helped solve some of the differences between PC and console,” the designer of the company's first console port said.

“On the PC if you click somewhere you’re character automatically goes there, on the console version, direct control, you have to actually manually go there. If you’re surrounded by enemies that might be a little more difficult, a little bit more tricky, so evade actually allows you to balance that out.

“Something we’ve done a little bit of work on is our boss fights – the presentation, some of the mechanics [have been changed] to bring them more in line with console boss fights which have a lot of tradition. So we’ve obviously kept an eye on how console games are and we mirrored that."

Considering the very few scraps of confirmed information concerning Diablo 3 for the PlayStation, it is likely Blizzard will release more details, along with a release date, in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned.
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Release date info: The PS3 version will be available on September 3, 2013. The PS4 version will be out in 2014.
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This should tank nicely. Gotta love a game where the CG trailers are a hundred times cooler than anything you'll see in game play.
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Its not bad so far. I tried the demo on PC but I just can't sit all day at a computer then all night again. Graphically its probably a shade lower I'm quality but then again its going from a small computer screen to a large TV. The CGI cutscenes look good and so far the gameplay isn't bad.

Loved one and two though I think as flunky as one is to go back to, it was still the best. Probably just fond memories.
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Originally Posted by lordxar5 View Post

I tried the demo on PC but I just can't sit all day at a computer then all night again. Graphically its probably a shade lower I'm quality but then again its going from a small computer screen to a large TV.

Hook a PC up to your TV via HDMI, grab a gamepad*, and plop on the couch/recliner - instant next-gen 1080p/60fps game console.

*...of course, the gamepad does nothing for Diablo on PC, so you'll have to figure mouse control in this case. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by blklightning View Post

This should tank nicely. Gotta love a game where the CG trailers are a hundred times cooler than anything you'll see in game play.
I'm not so sure. Overhead dungeon crawlers have been popular to a niche of console gamers going back to the D&D Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath series on the PS2 (and Gauntlet if you wanna go back further).

I think the game will do pretty well since it has the marketable name, a console friendly control scheme (stick >>>>mouse for this genre IMHO), and various tweaks over its PC parent. I'll wait for the PS4 version before I dive in. Wish it were out at launch.
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