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Today's Show:
Most of us have wireless networks in our homes these days, there’s nothing like the convenience of instant Internet without wires. But we’ve also come to the painful realization that our wireless networks just can’t live up the the rigors of HD streaming, especially if we want to stream multiple videos to different TVs. But as they say with technology, if you don’t like it, just wait a while and someone will fix it. Supposedly the new wireless spec, 802.11ac, can do just that.

We also discuss:
  • LG Display invests $655 million to expand OLED HDTV mass production next year
  • FCC OKs Test of New TV Transmission Standard
  • More Viewers Would Switch TV Services In Fee Fights
  • Time to Tune Up Your Home Theater?
  • Tablet, smartphone users skew high for going to cinemas
  • Dish Adds 89,000 Subs In 2012

and a lot more...

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