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Choosing small bookshelf speakers

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Hello, I need an advice with choosing speakers.

I have AV Receiver Denon 1802, rated 80W with 8ohm per channel, it accepts speakers with impedance from 6 ohms.
I will use them for music and movies, 50:50 and will buy 5.0/5.1 system. I will maybe update receiver too later smile.gif
Room is small (2m x 3.4m)

Because I am limited in size of speakers, they have to be no more then 20cm in depth, or depth up to 25-26cm but limited to 17-18cm in width. And because speakers will be 1cm from wall, I need front bassreflex, or closed speakers
Situation on picture smile.gif

After searching I found these speakers on market. All are from different sellers so it is not possible to compare them, and only QAcoustics is possible to borrow for home listening.

Variant A
20cm less in depth
- Q Acoustics 2010, 140€/pair, 6ohm
- Q Acoustics 2010i, 180€/pair, 6ohm

Variant B
longer in depth but width is less then 17cm
- Tannoy Mercury V1, 200€/pair, 8ohm
- KEF C3, 240€/pair, 8ohm

I would buy Q Accoustics because I found very good reviews on them. But I am afraid if I buy newer AV Recevier, I will be limited to only ones that support 6ohm speakers.

Which one would you recommend me? smile.gif
I was personally decided for Tannoy but they will be very close to fit. I found Q Accoustics later but they are closed and 6 ohms.
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Nearly all new receivers will support 8 and 6 ohm speakers. I just wouldnt recommend mixing them. Get all 6 ohm or all 8 ohm.
Your size limitation makes things pretty complicated.
Good luck.
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yes, I know frown.gif But height can be up to 45cm, and more if I set shelf with speakers lower. problem is combination of width and depth..

I will borrow 2010's today or on Monday and if it will be good for me and my room, I will stick with QA 2000 series smile.gif So no combination of impedation. surround (and maybe front height) will be 2010 too, center from the same series.

Funny thing is that I have space to use floorstanding speakers for surround which would be weird. biggrin.gif
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I've got Paradigm S1s, which are 17cm wide by 22cm deep and sealed, so they'd just fit in there. They're not really in the same price range as what you're looking at there, though. Just thought I'd add them to the list of options for small speakers.
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KEF makes some very good speakers, and most are front-ported.

The KEF C3 would be my choice.
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Paradigms are a "little" out of my budget biggrin.gif

KEFs didn't had very good review on whathifi :/ http://www.whathifi.com/Review/KEF-C3/
Seller just mentioned that they have KEFs too - the same seller which I asked about Tannoys. It is hard to decide without demo all of them
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FYI, DALI Concept 1 are the biggest candidate now. They fit perfectly smile.gif I will demo them before buy but seems they are the best for me (with my size limitations)
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