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Teac AG-V6200 + Eltax SW20, is it possible?

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Hello everyone,

Apologies if I'm posting in a wrong section and I'm pretty sure this question has been asked gazillion of times already(as I have found many similar posts trying to find an answer for myself), but I still don't know what to do and could surely use some help.

I have an old Teac AG-V6200 receiver with two ancient Sony SS-V11 monitor speakers connected to its front speaker outputs. While this setup sounds pretty much how I want it, at certain times it lacks a bit of bass sound, probably due to age and condition of the speakers. Recently I have been given a Eltax SW20 subwoofer and now I wonder if I could somehow connect that sub to this receiver? Would that actually improve anything or is doing this rather pointless? Obviously the receiver has no dedicated sub output and I know next to nothing about audio, I'm not even sure how would I go about connecting the RCA input on the sub to the outputs on the receiver, so I thought I would ask you guys for some guidance. Here are the photos of the back panels of the receiver and the sub:

Any help is most appreciated.
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One thing you could try would be connecting a Y-cable* into one of the tape out jacks, then a mono cable into the subwoofer. Normally receivers like these will output line-level audio to the cassette decks for recording. This means, however, that adjusting the volume on the receiver will not adjust the volume of the sub. So you'll be reaching around the back of the sub to adjust its volume when you adjust your speaker volume.

* like this: http://www.ramelectronics.net/product.aspx?zpid=776&gclid=CKbjlJfPyrUCFYtU4AodMAcAVA

The other way to do it is to buy something called a "speaker to line level converter."** You hook this box to the "B" speaker jacks, and it turns the speaker-level signal into a line-level output, which you then hook to the sub with the Y-cable as described above. The advantage here is that, because the output is from the speaker jacks, the sub's volume will be adjusted alone with the speaker volume. You will need to tweak the volume settings, though--the box might have separate settings as well.

** like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Speaker-to-RCA-Line-Level-Converter-Adaptor-Pre-outs-/260701842864

And either of these methods will require you to adjust the crossover on the back of the sub for a smooth overlap with your normal speakers.
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Hey JBWIII, thank you for your swift response and the links

That actually looks like an easy fix which is great news! I have one more question though - how can I check whether or not this sub actually works? I mean, I got it as it is with no info whatsoever, the power light comes on but other than that I dont know, the speaker itself might as well be shot(hope it isnt). I have a Jack to 2xRCA cable that connects the receiver to my PC, could I unplug those RCAs from the receiver and plug one into the sub and try to play something without the risk of blowing anything? Apologies for the lame questions but I do believe in "better safe than sorry", especially regarding something I know little about but I also wouldnt want to order the cable and converter only to find that the sub is dead, you know smile.gif
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Yes, if what you're talking about is a cable that would connect a portable headphone jack into the stereo, then yes, you can plug one side of it into the sub. Just start with the sub's volume all the way down. (Oh and don't connect the other, unused RCA plug into anything.) Let me know if you hear anything out of the sub.
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Yay, it seems to be working! It`s a very strange sensation I must say, its more like you feel than hear it, my flatmate started panicking because he had no clue what was going on haha smile.gif. I'm going to go and buy the Y cable tomorrow but it looks like I will need to get the converter off ebay. Thats another thing - they are rather cheap - are they ok to use or should I be looking for something branded, in audio-stores perhaps?
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The only branded ones I know of are at Crutchfield, and they are marketed as car audio products. They could be exactly the same as the ebay ones. I really don't know.

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Sweet, just ordered both. Thank you for your help JBWIII, much appreciated.
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