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NASA isn't producing a rocket that can get people into space anymore--why not convert them into video research?

If they do that I promise to care!
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Originally Posted by tgm1024 View Post

FWIW, I'm still hoping that someone develops a freakshow new plasma tech that is the best of all conceivable worlds that makes the entire industry quake. Because the PQ seems so incredibly smooth to me.

Agree re smoothness, but even the very latest plasmas produce a flicker that is sooo annoying, at least to me... especially when there's a lot of white on the screen.

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One small comment concerning Best Buy and the Sony display. When I was at the local Magnolia, the Sony was running Sony content that was outstanding. Every other TV on the wall at Magnolia was running the standard in house feed which comes over cable and if I remember correctly is 480i.

Using this criteria, the Sharp Elites (60" & 70") looked terrible. The Panasonic VT60 looked terrible. The Samsung FT8500 looked terrible. I know there were a log of other TV's on the wall, but none was of enough interest to make note or make or model. Besides, they all looked terrible also.

My last three TV purchases were based on reviews from Cnet other on-line reviews plus comments or reviews from Kevin Miller, D-Nice, Chad-B, etc. After a good calibration, these guys know what the TV's are capable of.

I am in the market again this year and will most likely buy one of Cnet's current top units that also were the top units at Robert Zohn's shootout.

I am also on my third plasma. It resides in a closed cabinet and I have never had any issue with heat or IR. I do have some washouts from the morning sun (room faces East with a large arched window (60"w x 30"h) above a 60" x 60" picture window. Also, unfortunately on darkest content can see the reflection of one lamp in the living room. Lamp is on if watching junk TV and reading at the same time. When switching to a Blu-Ray, lamp is off so not an issue.

Damn. My small comment turned into an epistle.

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I have a Samsung e550 3D plasma and love it. Deep blacks, great contrast ratio (especially compared to my last TV, an LCD 720p set). Relied on consumer reports when I purchased it (ranked #4 and was $500+ cheaper than the 1-3 spots).
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Can anyone tell me how good the phono stage is in the 8801 ? Im looking at getting a TT
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From what I have been reading on another thread here, the Panasonic TC-65PS64 65" Plasma has excellent reviews and 5 stars everywhere I check for reviews. Chime in with your thoughts on the Plasma.
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Do we have a list of these panels in regards to calibration functions available? In other words, do we have a CMS in them and greyscale? are they available in the menu or is it hidden is a service menu?
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I'm having great success with my Panasonic 65" VT50. Amazing picture quality. Though I had it professionally calibrated by Jeff Meyer. I watched Harry Potter #1 last night for the first time on my new Plasma and was astonished seeing how black the blacks were and how all colors of the movies were so sharp.
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Is there a 2013 version of this thread?
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Originally Posted by BasementBob View Post

Is there a 2013 version of this thread?


We're 3/4 of the way through 2013.  It's a "round up" thread.  You can't corral cattle that's not born yet.

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agree.Plus 2013 S60 series don't seem to offer anything better and deleted a major feature.


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Excellent thread Scott!

With so many flat panel choices today, and the difficulty of waiting at your local store, what a better way to find a listing of the best reviewed set's of 2012 ( and a true pro consumer / AVS level of true performance to cost perspective )

Since I may be in the market for a new flat panel tv, I will find this thread very informative in helping me make a decision on my next pruchase. Thx.
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Consumer Reports listed their 2013 best buys for Plasma and LCD, in the November issue.



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And as a side note, they mentioned that the new Samsung Oled was the best tv they ever reviewed
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