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Marantz AV7005 mixing audio and video inputs

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Does anyone know if it's possible to select video from one HDMI source and audio from another coax digital source. I want to Apple TV to be the video input and Sonos digital to be the audio input. It would be great if when you switched to an audio only input, the video would stay with the last input.


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It is possible if you have both source inputs assigned to the same source name and then change the "INPUT MODE" setting to "Digital" (p. 71 OM), remembering to switch back to "Auto" or "HDMI" when you wanted to listen to the ATV audio, otherwise, using the "Video Select" setting (p. 69 OM) not possible with an HDMI video source, rather the video source must be "analog" or connected directly to the TV.
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I will give it a try. I wish there was a way for the HDMI video to remain on the last input when switching to an audio only source. Seems like a software issue or perhaps anti piracy measures. There also seems to be an issue with sending HDMI audio to Zone 2. Is this possible when using the SBL / SBR outputs instead of the Z2 / Z3 mixdown outputs?
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Sorry, but no HDMI to Zone 2 as Zone 2 is "analog" only on roughly 98% of all AVRs on the market today. You're fortunate in that AFAIK, a few older Denon and Marantz models (eg. 7005) are the only units also able to pass PCM 2.0 over optical/digital coax to Zone 2. Last year's Marantz AV7701/8801 and SR7007 feature a Zone 2 (HDMI).
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I'm using the balanced outs to feed my main system. If I use the unbalanced L/R outs to feed zone 2 will I then be able to use HDMI audio?
Is it possible to use SLB/ SRB to feed HDMI audio to Z2?
I was thinking the main outs are probably part of the digital engine.
I am not using SLB / SRB and there is a pref to make them Z2. If I use those outputs to feed the line in of my Sonos system then I could feed any HDMI source to sonos and use Z3 to distribute that audio to my whole house speaker system.

It that doesn't work, could the 2nd HDMI out of the AV7005 to a HDMI to Analog converter box back in to an unused analog input to feed Z2 / Z3?

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