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Help with Decoupled Soffit

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I've got a wide mess of I-beam, HVAC trunk, and misc pipes and wires that runs across the width of my room. The ceiling will be IB-1 clips, channel, and DD/GG. I need to figure out how to box in this obstruction. I need to keep the finished soffit decoupled, and I'm trying to stick with as low a profile as possible to minimize the impact to headroom and projector sight lines.


The duct is the lowest point below the joists at ~10". All told, the obstructions are roughly 36" wide.

Here were a few ideas that I tried to get on paper (profile views of the proposed soffit):

- I assume that option A is too far to span with no mid-span supports.
- Option B, I thought about hanging an intermediate piece of channel from IB-1s that hang from the joists on threaded rod
- Option C, I could use channel across the width of the soffit, although it would possibly hang slightly lower than other options

Thoughts, suggestions, or any ideas that I am completely missing?
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I've done similar. I like B but when I did it I substituted blocking hanging from an IB3 clip where you have the midspan support. I would also consider using a first layer of plywood rather than drywall for rigidity for the span under the duct. I would go for whatever hardwood plywood you can buy locally that has the most plys.

I also would extend the ceiling drywall all the way to the inner most channel in your drawing. Then put the 2x2 below the drywall and glue and screw through the drywall into the channel. This allows you to put up the ceiling then come back and work on the soffit later. The way you have it configured would be a workflow headache
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Thanks for the catch on the order of operations. I do intend to do all of the flat ceiling first.
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