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Speaker upgrade :) and downsize :(

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I purchased a new house with my girlfriend which does not have a dedicated media room so I have decided to downsize my equipment a bit but at the same time upgrade in quality.

Currently I have the following:

Front LR: Bic America Dv64 6.5 Tower Speaker
Center: BIC America DV-62CLRS
SR: BIC Venturi DV32-B
Sub: Dayton Audio SUB-100 HT

I know it's a pretty entry level system but it has served me fine for now. I am looking to replace the floor-standings with bookshelf or smaller fronts and hopefully a matching smaller center. I will be buying in-ceiling surrounds since there are french doors behind the sofa. I will either keep the existing sub, if I can find a place for it, or not use one at all.

After doing some research I came up with the following. Please let me know what you think. Budget is 500-600 but less would be great!

Front LR: EMP Tek E5Bi Bookshelf
Center: EMP Tek E5Ci Center Channel Speaker
SR: Polk Audio RC60i

I was also wondering if thePolk Audio Blackstone TL3 were a good option. Thanks!
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I suggest that you consider the Cambridge Audio S30, S50 and S20 speakers.

IMO that would give you better sound.

All of those speakers are very good; especially the S50 center speaker.

About $570 total.
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The EMPtek bookshelfs are very good and will be AS GOOD as anything in that price!
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Not to derail this...I see 3 different EMP bookshelf micro..two normal...

I can't figure out the big differance between the two models..any help?
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What's your listening mix of HT/TV vs Music?
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Originally Posted by sdg4vfx View Post

What's your listening mix of HT/TV vs Music?

I would say 90% movies and 10% music, probably through apple tv. Thanks!
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