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Streaming to multiple TV's

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Hi all,
I have had a look around the site but I can't seem to quite find what I need, so thought I would ask the question and hopefully one you knowledgeable guys/gals can shed some light on what I would like to do.

To have a Server streaming Movies and Music to areas around the house/premises. Each TV will need independent access to the server library. So if Bedroom 1 wants Movie A and Bedroom 2 wants Movie B and Bedroom 3 wants Music - each person in their own bedroom, using their TV can select what they want when they want it. There will be about 10 TV's throughout the building and I also want to play music in other areas where a TV may not be present.

I have looked into a Sonos system and I think this is good, but seems extremely expensive. Is there a system where I can choose what I want through the TV (or separate keyboard/mouse) that looks pretty and simple to use. For example, while I was messing with MS Media Centre - it shows the DVD box cover also a synopsis about the movie or TV program you want to watch.

Do I need to use a box like a Sonos system? Or would a modern TV with ethernet port connect back to the server and have a nice user friendly interface?
Also how many TV's can stream from a server? If I install Cat 6 to each room, through a 1Gb switch, could I run 10 TVs? I was reading that 1080p only requires 5Mb to stream and if you streamed 3D (which I don't plan on doing) you would requite 10Mb - which would only be 1 MB of bandwidth. Now The switch can easily handle this, but if these measurements are true, a hard disk should be able to stream100Mb or 10MB without any trouble? Or am I getting my numbers confused?

This is a new house and I can do pretty much anything to get what is needed to make this work. Right now, all I know for sure is I need Cat6 running to each room. No TV's have be bought yet which is why I am wondering, if a TV with ethernet would do away with a "sonos" style box or would you recommend having something similar to that (but a different and hopefully cheaper brand).

You guys are the experts so I really am relying on anything you say, so I can do more research.


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Sonos is a great system, but it is music only. The bad news is that the best way to do this is to have a Sonos unit for each music zone and a streaming box for each video zone. For zones that are both you want both boxes. I have Sonos for music and Dune units for video.

Cheaper alternatives might be an Apple TV at each zone if you like the apple ecosystem and can live with its limitations. Or you could get all smart TVs and live with even more limitations. Check out the Networking, Streamer forum at AVS for more information.
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I too suggest a ROKU2 for each room. Easy, inexpensive, independent control...Blows the Apple TV clean away since 3rd party apps can also be used. So happy since I got our ROKU2 XS that I am not sure how we were entertained prior. wink.gif
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So you need a separate Sonos amp for each music zone?
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That is the most flexible solution. But a sonos amp is capable of driving two sets of 8 ohm speakers. You could use separate volume controls for each zone. Other options are Sonos Connect amp with speaker selector to multiple zones or Sonos Connect to multi zone amp to multiple zones.
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Thank you for your insight guys, I will check out the other forum thread as suggested.

To me, we have to talk about basic basic basic - since the people using it just need to browse a library and select the movie they want to watch.

As for apps/addons - I understand that is more control for people who are more into it, but for a guest - its just - I want to watch that movie... click.


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