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Best way to build my soffit

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So, today I'm building the soffit in the theater. The fact that we're doing this today was totally just sprung on me, and I haven't finalized design.

The room is completely drywalled/soundproofed, but the mud/tape hasn't been done yet...they're doing that next week. I need to do this today, so they can hang the drywall om the underside of the soffit tomorrow.

I'd like to curve the front to make the stage, and have the soffit around he sides/back of the room a uniform width/depth. The purpose of the soffit is to conceal the can lights, and also the projector. I'm going to continue poking around to see what I can find, but if anybody can link to a great soffit building plan I would really appreciate it.

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I've built soffits many ways, here is a drywalled approach.

we put the bottom run of metal channel on after the top piece so we could fit a driver underneath to drive the screws up into the ceiling.

We used several layers of 1/4 inch drywall for the curve.

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A link to the part of my build thread where I showed the soffit construction, in case it helps to visualize / plan:

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I used metal for some of my soffits and some left over framing scraps for other parts. You can see some pictures here.

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