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This question has been asked many times, but it often turns into a debate, so I'll try again.

I am about to hook up my system, and need advice on the purchase of component/s-video/optical/audio cables, how much to spend, where to spend it, and what brand(s) to buy.

Thanks much in advance.
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Can you provide a bit more information? Exactly what cables do you need? What equipment are you using? Do you have a "ballpark" budget for cables?

The White's Home Theater
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I ordered a 4M component cable from Better Cables and it cost me 139.00. The quality is very good and works very well from Sony 10HT to my SD-9100 DVD.

Brad is very good to work with as well.

Hope this helps.

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I use cables from L.A.T. International. You can find them on line at

When you call them, ask for Lou. He is low key and down to earth. I use the IC-80 MARK II Interconnect. They are silver clad, solid core conductors insulated with teflon
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If the cable came with the equipment, use it.
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Thanks for replying Chris, system is developing, but here will be the interim config:

audio (all in place already):
Sony STRDE935 A/V Receiver
Infinity Overture 3 fronts
Infinity center
Infinity sub
Harman Kardon Thirty rears

Toshiba TW40X81 DTV
Toshiba SD5109 DVD
Dish 4700 (now)
Dish 6000 (future)

I am mainly interested at this time in video cables from dish receiver to tv and receiver, and from DVD to tv and receiver. TW40X81 has two component inputs which will be used for DVD and Dish 6000 (future), as well as S-video, which will be the current hookup from Dish 4700 and VHS.

Other main interest would be audio cables from the above equipment to my receiver. Is optical digital connection the best for this?

I really have no ballpark budget - I want the best I can get at a reasonable price - I DON'T want to spend $200 for a 1meter component cable!!


- New enthusiast of HT (I'm convinced this stands for "Here Tomorrow")
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