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Just got a Panasonic TC-P60GT50 and when I play a 3D DVD I get a message in the lower right hand area of the TV screen asking me to press the 3D bitton on the remote if I want to watch in 3D - then I have to confirm this again on screen .

I asked the BestBuy "Geek" about this and he said because the 3D DVD player is a Sony (BDP-S700) this will always have to be done.

I find this hard to believe.

In a test I started to watch Prometheus in 3D and I had to go through this four times before the actual movie started.

This is what the instruction manial says about 3D : (underlining by me)

Viewing 3D images
When the HDMI receives information in which 3D mode is detected, 3D images are automatically displayed
according to the signal.

If the 3D images are not displayed correctly, or if the images cause discomfort, the images can be adjusted by
“3D format select” or “3D settings”.

Change the view 3D⇔2D, 3D settings.

Has anyone any comments regarding this issue?

Thank Frank K