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OK, should i get a video/audio card?

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OK, i like to have the most powerful processing components. So i have an Intel i7 3770K on a Asus P8Z77-V LK.

I like to watch HD movies.

I output audio/video to a DENON AVR-1912.

Question: I am willing to get a dedicated Audio/Video card if I could output audio/video via HDMI cable to my denon amplifier. The video card would have to be silent or close to that.

Would I see any difference in the quality of what I am already seeing (less pixelation) from TIVO-recorded or Ceton InfiniTV recorded cable stuff?

Maybe I could play games at some point.

I am willing to upgrade because my TV (Mitsubishi 73 dlp) cuts off some parts of the 1080 picture, and the onboard video control panel allows only minimal tweaking of the video (some scaling, no vertical/horizontal adjustments).

I'll spend money if you think it's worth it or if I'll get a better picture.

The video card NEEDS to output video and audio together over hdmi and be pretty silent.
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There's no question that you need to have a proper hdmi out video card. You'll be amazed by the quality improvement.
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Thanks SonyAd
Do you have any suggestions?
I was told that the on board video is "fine" enough, but if there's a potential improvement, I will get one
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There are so many options so it would be hard for me to guide you. I use to game back in the Doom/Quake days, but alas not anymore. First things first, what is your onboard chip and what outputs does it have?
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I don't know much about the specifics, but I have a Asus P8Z77-V LK motherboard with onboard audio and video. I output audio/video to a DENON AVR-1912 through an HDMI cable.
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I misunderstood your first post because I though you wanted to use hdmi, not that you were already using it. First try getting updated drivers for your chip and see if that improves things. The chip vendor may have an updated control center software to manipulate video settings.
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That's a good point, I will see if there's updated video control center. Do you think the video / audio performance would be better with a dedicated video/audio card?
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Dedicated cards do offer better performance. Games, 3D, video apps, photo processing all benefit from specialized cards. You just have to be specific about your uses so that you get the appropriate card. You don't want to overspend if particular functions won't be of benefit to you.
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