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Strange problem with Denon AVR-891 to BenQ W1070 (No Video from HDMI)

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Hi all,

My setup has been working fine for the past couple of months until today and I have done some fault finding and have very strange results.

Ok the problem is I have no video being output from my AVR-891 to my W1070 projector, the W1070 sees an input and attempts to display it but in the end the screen goes black and nothing gets displayed at all even the projectors menus cannot be displayed after it has tried to find the source, my AVR-891 has 3 inputs currently connected which are my HTPC, PS3 & XBOX 360, the AVR-891 is switching to each device correctly and I can hear the audio from each but there is just no video output at all.

The fault finding I have done is removing the HDMI cable from the AVR-891 monitor out and directly connected it to each input bypassing the AVR-891 and I get video and audio to the W1070 fine this way so I believe the W1070 is fine as is the cable, next I connected the AVR-891 to my LG LCD TV and I get video and audio fine now from the HDMI to the TV so this again tells me the cable is fine and also the AVR-891 seems to be fine, next I thought I would try my older Denon receiver AVR-890 to the W1070 with the same cable and it also works fine to the W1070.

So I am now completely lost as to why only the AVR-891 and W1070 wont work together when they seem to work fine with different components, I would keem the AVR-890 connected but its not HDMI 1.4 and I need this for 3D viewing from my HTPC and the AVR-891 is 1.4 and was working great, any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
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So fault finding has continued and I have a old ViewSonic PJD6251 I just tried the AVR-891 on and it looks like the problem is with the AVR because when plugged into the ViewSonic I do get a video out but there is lots of artefacts in it and very grainy and has lots of lines in it, looks like the HDMI is damaged on the AVR-891 and I don't know how it could have happened, at a bit of a loss now as to get the AVR-891 looked at and fixed or just get a new one as its out of warranty.
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you don't indicate the length of hdmi cables involved but I suspect it is longer than 25 ft. I would first try a shorter cable... as short as possible by either moving the source/receiver or the sink/projector and see if there is "happy land". If so, then you likely have an overall "length" issue but if shorten cables don't work, then your "891 rcvr broke" conclusion is probably right.
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Hi thanks for the reply, sorry its a 10M (33ft) cable and has been working fine for months so it confuses me how things work one day and not the next, anyway I have found a temporary fix to the problem and that is with a cheap Active HDMI 1.4 Splitter Amplifier I got off eBay with it in the line and powered up everything is working great now.
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Well the world of hdmi ISN'T a steady state thing... actually nothing is... as they say "sxxt happens"... what I was hoping to stop was you having to send or replace your receiver for a possible problem that may not actually have been there. As you may know 33 feet is a bit outside the "nominal reach" for hdmi. IF it works great but there is nothing "certifying" that it has to work... so if it was "marginal" in any form, any small "change" (poor connection due to sag, oxidation, component aging, etc) could be enough to make it not work.
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