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Windows Media Center and the Xbox 360

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I've been looking for a way to digitize my movie collection. I noticed that WMC can read .VOB files.

So I've been ripping my movies using DVD shrink to my hard drive. WMC sees the movie and plays on my PC.

However, my Xbox 360 doesn't see those movies.

My understanding of how all this works is that the Xbox makes a request from the PC to play a file and the PC streams it in a format that the Xbox can read.

However, the Xbox can't play .VOB files so they can't request them?

I'm confused as to how this works.

If I can't do it this way, what format should I be ripping my DVD's to so I can watch them on my Xbox?

To clarify, this is my setup:

HDHomerun Prime (3 tuners with Cable Card)

PC running Win 7 and WMC (lots of HD space)

2 Xbox's (1 Elite upstairs and 1 Kinect 4GB system downstairs) to watch TV.
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If I were ripping DVDs for Xbox I would use .wtv

Since .wtv was developed for mpeg2 video and AC3 audio its a perfect container for DVD films. Guaranteed to work without having to set up any codecs or splitters and will retain the ability to use fast forward and rewind.

The only reason I wouldn't use it is if I needed subtitles.
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FYI - there is a ton of information on this site regarding what you want to do, and multiple solutions. There are sticky threads on this forum that explain everything in great detail.

My solution:

Movie file format:
Rip movie to an MKV using MakeMKV. This removes all the extras and menus from the DVD which I do not care about anyway.

I use WMC with an extra prgram called Media Browser. I setup Media Browser to look fancy and inventory my movies how I want. I also use a program called Media Center Master to download all of my metadata (movie posters, descriptions, actors, etc) and keep everything up to date. This setup allows me to rip the DVD to a folder, Media Center Master then downloads all of the information and renames the video file. Media Browser then reads all of the information and displays it through WMC on either my main TV or Xbox 360.

My setup:
PC running Win 7 in living room
Xbox 360 in bedroom

I can pause a movie in the living room and pick it up in the bedroom and vise versa.
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I am running Media Browser. It works well.

My only concern is .MKV. I love it, but I sometimes want to show my parents a movie or clip. They have a very old DVD player that won't play MKV files. I always have problems getting MKV into something that burns easily that older DVD players will read.

I appreciate the info and will check the sticky.
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THe other problem that I discovered with MKV and regular DVD's is that it doesn't always get the aspect ratio right. Apparently this is problem with where the aspect ratio is stored for DVD's (can be in two places). Somehow handbrake overcomes that, but then you are of course limited to a single audio track and not sure how it handles subtitles.

How do you convert to a WTV file?
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Without getting into the technical details, is it possible to watch DVDs that have already been ripped into VOB, IFO & BUP files and stored in VIDEO_TS folders on a media player device such as an XBox 360, WD Live, Roku, Neo, Smart TV, etc., that DOESN'T require that you do anything to these files such as renaming them or converting them to another format, and which gives you most if not all of the functionality you have when playing physical DVDs directly or ripped DVDs in WMC, e.g. menus, extras, fast forward/rewing, skip/replay chapter, etc.?

If so, could you refer us newbies to threads and perhaps other sites that explain how to do this?

Like many I have a lot of already ripped DVDs that I have no intention of renaming or converting, that I'd like to be able to watch on other TVs that are not connected to an HTPC. Ideally this would be via an XBox because I'd like to use some of its other features as well, especially its ability to be used as a WMC extender to watch live and recorded TV as well as view and listen to videos, music, photos, etc., off of my Ceton InfiniTV-equipped HTPC, and of course its game console capabilities. But I'm open to other solutions as well so long as NO renaming or conversion is required (or at least none that require a lot of extra storage space, time, effort and/or processing power, because at nearly 1000 DVDs, it's just out of the question for me).
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I rip using my blu rays using MakeMkv and then compress using handbrake into mp4 format. Xbox understands mp4 and there is much less bandwidth requirement after the compress.
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i use a dlna server to transcode my movies for extenders. xbox is ok with .mkv container, its the subtitles and **** that get it all messed up.
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Originally Posted by BikeRider64 View Post

If so, could you refer us newbies to threads and perhaps other sites that explain how to do this?


Thats the best solution I think you can find. I think you lose fast forward and rewinding. AFAIK only WTV will allow that inside WMC on a 360 (VOB could easily be remuxed to WTV if you were ever so inclined).

A lot of the devices you mentioned in your post don't support MPEG2 (the video codec used on DVD). DVD is entirely based around MPEG2 - menus, special features, the movie, etc.

Plex might be able to read VIDEO_TS and guess at which playlist the movie is. It would have to transcode on the fly to codecs supported by the playback device (most likely H264 video and AAC audio).
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