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Pioneer PDP-5080HD: Input problems

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Hello everyone.

My 5080 has just recently begun exhibiting an odd input problem. When powered on (cold-start) none of HDMI inputs (the only inputs I use) function correctly. Input pop-up windows show up normally in the upper-right corner, complete with appropriate resolutions, so I know it is receiving the signals, but I only see a black screen. This happens on HDMI inputs 4 through 7.

In diagnosing the issue, I was cycling through the inputs manually using the hardware button (cycles through all inputs), and eventually the HDMI inputs were displayed properly. Further testing showed that once inputs started working, all continued to work until the set was powered down. The issue and solution are (currently) repeatable, but I'm afraid that won't last long.

I'm hoping the community could provide some options and solutions. I've replaced laptop motherboards before, so I am comfortable working inside electronics, though nothing this big before. Brief internet searches showed me a number of the boards available for replacement, but I don't have a service manual, so I don't entirely know what I'm looking for. I am also not opposed to having it serviced by a pro- I live in Denver, Colorado USA.

Any suggestions would be welcome, and many thanks!

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I had similar symptoms once before with my 5080, All inputs were showing a black screen with the source info displayed in upper corner as usual, the TVs on screen menu worked fine as well.

Unplugging the TV from power for a few minutes resolved the issue and hasn't occurred again since then (several months ago).

I also received this response after posting about the issue:
Originally Posted by Duck05 View Post

The 8Gs have a Unix operating system in the background that runs mainly the guide services. Most of the functions in our area no longer work as the cable operators filter out signals and force their cable boxes onto their customers.

Fully killling the power and disconnecting from the power strip for a few minutes causes the TV to reload the Unix system and I have found that this corrects the condition(s) you described. The channel guide setup routine no longer works for me as only a few hand full of digital channels come through the "raw" cable - everything else now requires a cable box. Supposedly if you put all zeros (00000) in the zip code box of the setup will "disable" the guide but I have not found that to work in our area.

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Thank you very much Mathesar! I will give that a whirl this evening and report back.

In the meantime, if the community has other suggestions, especially if UNIX/Guide proves to not be the issue, I would be very grateful!
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After several more tests, the suggestion seems to have done the trick! Thank you very much.
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