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Help with my first home theater sound system purchase.

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I'm just starting to set up a Home Theater and I know everyone says save your money and buy something better later but Ive got a baby on the way and the Fiance would **** a brick if I bought some of the stuff I would like.

So heres where I'm at. This is for our 20 x 12 room in an apartment. Theres 6' or so behind the couch so I'm wanting to go with a 7:1 setup.

First I bought these speakers at best buy for 59.99 for all 4. It was originally the 5box set but was missing the center speaker. Plan is to use these as the side and rear speakers.
4 Polk audio TL1 Satellite speakers - normally 320$ I paid 59.99 - http://www.polkaudio.com/products/tl1

Polk TL2 Center - 139.99 - Center speaker I plan to buy - http://www.polkaudio.com/products/tl2c

Polk TL2 - 99.99/each - Left/Right Front speakers I plan to buy - http://www.polkaudio.com/products/tl2

Heres where I'm lost and could use recomendations. I would like to stay around 250$ for the sub or less.
I found this sub at a pawn shop for 200$ but I'm scared to buy used. http://www.klipsch.com/sub-10-subwoofer

And this is the 7:1 Reciever I'm looking at. Has to be 3D compatible. Same budget hopefully under 250$ ish.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
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Well I know this is in the wrong area, I can find where to remove it though sorry.
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Not necessarily in the wrong area. Just need to be a bit patient for answers some time. Also, not sure I see an actual question in there. Looks like you already bought some speakers and know what you want to get for an AVR and sub.

My first question would be about the surrounding rooms since you are in an apartment. Where are the neighbors? Above, below, next to, all of the above? Quickest path to rental problems is noise, so I would consider your surroundings when it comes to the sound system.
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I only have neighbors above me. I live on the end so nothing on one side and a daycare on the other. I dont see them getting angry. I'm trying to decide if I should buy that used sub or something new. I dont know if the risk is worth trying to save money to get a "better" sub. I'm also not sure about the reciever if I will end up disappointed with the sony or not. I really wanted a yamaha or denon but I couldnt find one with 3D channels under 500.
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Nothing wrong with a Sony AVR. That was my brand of choice for many years. Still have 2 of them in fact. That is the great thing about equipment. It's easy to upgrade it down the road when you have more $ for the budget. I don't see anything wrong with a used sub either. As long as you can test it out, and try to get some sort of warranty (30-60 days or so). Personally, I just wouldn't go overboard in an apartment. Just my opinion.
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Yeah I know I dont plan on staying here more than a year. I can always just turn the sub down right?
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I think you just answered your own question...wink.gif
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Everything else you have is polk...whats wrong with the psw10 sub? Amazon has a good deal on it right now for under $100
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That 10" Klipsch is not a great bargain. I have seen it new on sale for under $200. Take a look on amazon right now, and you might just see one for $188.
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