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Best 70" display for roughly $4500?

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My budget is $4500. I am slightly flexible, but have roughly this amount for a 70" flat panel. I don't need 3D, but wouldn't object to it either. I really want great picture quality, and don't care about apps, smart tv, etc, sound....just picture quality, and 70". Currently I have a 55" Samsung series 6 (or so I believe, since I'm at work I can't verify this). So this being my requirement, what would you purchase if you were in my shoes?
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Again, 65 is too small of an upgrade in terms of size for what I need. Anybody?
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Shop around for a remaining Elite. A lot of Best Buys are selling floor models at a big discount and $4500 is not at all outside the realm of possibility.
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Elite all the way.
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I failed to mention a few things. If I were buying a new TV, I would pull the trigger on an Elite 70" if you can still get one. Don't wait as supplies are disappearing. Assuming you can get one for $4500, I would add on a few years of Best Buy protection. Between this and tax, you should be just north of $5k. Sign up for reward zone for a lot of free BB gift cards and a 45 day return policy. Best Buy has 24 month 0% financing, which I would enroll in and put down about $3500-$4000. (The monthly payment would be stupid low). With the leftover cash I would get a PRO calibrator on tour to come over make it damn near perfect. This will meet all your criteria while giving you arguably the best TV ever.
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Awesome feedback. This is what I was looking for. Thank you for the heads up, ill be making my decision very soon.
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If you can't find an Elite you may be able to make up for it with a Sharp 80" 632 series as it's one of the highest rated and perhaps you can get more Wow and I've seen it for a grand less than your budget this past week on the Big River. Another option with best of class PQ would be the 65" Sony 950 series.
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+1 for what has already been said here. 70" Elite leftover or new 80" Sharp as a backup plan, if space permits. I think the 2013 80" Sharp will be significantly improved, and might be a great size/PQ combo for the money.
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