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Hi All,

I think I'm slowly starting to understand how to piece together a living room HT and multi-room setup. After a few more hours of research I've come to the suggested setup below:

Denon AVR 2313CI
4 pair speaker selector (not decided on brand/model for this)
3 in-wall speakers and 2 in-ceiling for HT
4 in-ceiling speakers for multi room
Wire to basement for future amp hook-up and expansion to 6-8 speakers in the basement

Hook-ups would go:
5.1 to the Denon, then zone two would go to the speaker selector
the 4 (2 pairs) in-ceiling would go to two separate rooms, then I would run a cable from another one of the outs in the speaker selector to the basement where I plan on hooking up an amp and then more sets of speakers.

Does this sound like it would work? I don't need any additional zones, whatever music I have playing in the multi-room setup can be the same throughout the house.

Beyond this, the way I understand it. The speaker selector just determines which groups of speakers are given power. I would have volume selectors (impedance matching) for each pair in the rooms they are in.

For the in-wall speakers, I have seen a lot of mention of back boxes to improve sound and decrease sound loss into other rooms. Is this pretty accurate? Are my only options for this speakers that come with back boxes already included?

Thanks for any help you can provide! I want to do this right the first time (without breaking the bank).