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Hi guys I wanted to ask your opinion on something. I am new to the CRT projector world. I setup plenty of newer LCD and DLP projectors because we have a custom home theater installation company. One of my hobbies hobbies is collecting and watching laserdiscs. I keep hearing how well laserdic look on a CRT projector because they are both analog display items. I have been looking around locally for a CRT projector and trying to find one that is worth messing around with. I don't want to ship one because they are so big and heavy. Long story short there is a gentleman near me that has a Runco DT-940 along with the Faroudia LD200 line doubler. He is asking $400 obo for it. He says it works very well and was recently serviced. My question is is this a decent CRT projector to start playing around with or should I look for something else? Is that a fair price or should I offer less and if so what would be a good starting point to offer. I know it has 7" lenses and will do 720p and 1080i according to Curt. Any help or advice would be wonderful! I would love to find and get a Barco 1209 but my wife would never allow that behemoth in the house lol.

Paul Kepner