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Help connecting a behringer nu3000 to my subwoofers

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Hey guys. This appears to be a great forum for DIY HT information. I'm on several other forums, but recently discovered AVS. You guys seem to have a lot of information about the NU3000, so here I am.

My amplifier showed up on my doorstep today, and I was immediately disappointed to find that it didn't have the standard wire plugs that i'm used to for speaker outputs. Completely overlooked that one when I was shopping for an amp. I'm hooking the amp up to a pair of dayton titanics, and all i've ever used to connect subs and speakers is normal wire terminals. I came across a thread on here that had a good bit of information, and it sounds like all I need is something like these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-SEISMIC-AUDIO-15-PA-DJ-Raw-Speaker-Cable-to-Speakon-/130852261750?pt=US_Cables_Snakes_Interconnects&hash=item1e77670f76

The thread I was reading through: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1359039/behringer-inuke-nu3000-first-impressions-i-need-replacement-fan-suggestions/30

So I kept reading into that thread. Someone mentioned that yamaha receivers don't typically have the output voltage for these type of amplifiers. I found the spec sheet on my receiver, and this is what it says: REC OUT...150mV/900 ohmsPRE OUT (MAIN, etc)...2.57V/1.2k ohmsSUBWOOFER (EFFECT OFF, MAIN SP:SMALL)MONO...4.0V/1.2k ohms. So, 4v for the subwoofer out if i'm reading that right. I couldnt find any info on what input voltage the NU3000 prefers, am I good or do I need to find something to boost that?

link to yamaha specs: usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/htr/htr-5280_black__u/?mode=model

And now that I look at the specs on my receiver, i must also ask... I recently purchased a pair of these: http://www.diysoundgroup.com/waveguide-speaker-kits/alpha12-kit.html to replace my existing towers. I'm planning on using a carvin dcm1000 to drive them, and now wondering if the yamaha has enough output on the main's for the carvin.

carvin spec sheet: http://www.carvinservice.com/crg/manuals/DCM600-DCM1000-DCM1500-web.pdf

I suppose a good question to ask may be how do I find out what input voltage any given amplifier desires?

Thanks for any help
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I'm surfing at work so I'll be brief. biggrin.gif

XLR to RCA adapter to connect receiver to amp.

4 volts is plenty to drive amp into clipping (you'll want to check gain structure)
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Im guessing you will be running a driver off each channel, so if thats the case i would buy 2x 4pole speakon connection,2x xlr to femal phono adaptor then you will need to split the signal from the back of your av amp unless it has 2 sub out, you will need a 1 male in to 2 femal out phono adaptor.

then you just need to buy some 2.5mm speaker cable and wire the speakons your self and run the normal speaker wire to the subs as normal.

some thing like this.




depending on how much you need.

then plug the phono spliter in back of amp, from there take 2 sub cables from that down to the 2x xlr adaptor( inputs), then from the outputs of the behringer wire the 2 speakons and leave the other ends bare ready for sub box.
set behringer to stereo and and full range.
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I find the NL2 much more intuitive http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=092-058.
I have had a couple of Yammy receivers (2010) and very many pro amps (including the IPR 3000), and still do. Before I purchased my QSC DSP-30 I had to use a bump box.
I could not get satisfactory output even with the channel trims maxed out and the gain on the amp maxed.
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