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Rx-V473 + explorer 4250hdc issue

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I have an explorer 4250hdc cable box connected to my rx-v473 receiver with HDMI cable and out to samsung un46c8000 TV. I went to settings in the cable box and set screen size to 1080i as I read to do here. I can now get audio and video(could only get audio before), but I have to turn the receiver on and off at least 3 times while pushing TV on the remote for it to show video. If I don't push TV the receiver tries to switch to av4. This is very annoying, if anyone has any ideas I would be grateful.

I searched around for an answer, but didn't find anything other than switching the screen size.
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You've got the cable box configured correctly--it should be outputting 1080i only (uncheck the rest of the resolution options).

On the TV, you haven't been trying to output sound from the TV to the receiver, are you? I ask because AV4 is the input that's used with the Audio Return Channel on this receiver.

For the receiver, I'd do a factory reset to clear out any SCENE settings that you might have made while troubleshooting. Next, go into the settings and disable HDMI Control. Both of these are in your manual.

After that, for troubleshooting purposes, forget about using the SCENE button on the remote (the white TV button). Just turn the receiver on, switch to the HDMI input where your cable box is connected, then turn the cable box on, then the TV.

Does that work?
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