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Newbie needs screen advice for BenQ W710ST?

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I usually search and search before asking questions (how I found which projector & AVR). I just don't even know where to begin on starting the search for a screen.

I have never owned a projector before. I decided I want a bigger screen then my 42" that is hooked to my computer for watching Movies & TV shows. I'm going to trade my son for his 32" and use that for everyday computing and have a pull down screen pull down in front of it for movie watching. So I need to ceiling mount the screen. My limitations are the screen itself can not be wider then 78" or taller then 43" from ceiling. Any taller and it will block my speakers unless there is a screen that can go in front of speakers then I can go as tall as 58" from ceiling but prefer not to push it all the way to the top of my desk (which is 60" wide). The width limitations is that I have a bathroom door to the left and stairs to the right. The frame can be a few inches wider though.

I really need help because I am confused about aspect ratios, gains, measurements etc.. I understand that my TV/monitor now is 16:9 but since I watch mostly converted high def movies in 720P I currently have black bars top and bottom of most movies. While searching Amazon for a screen I am having trouble figuring out what will work. I am assuming a 80" diagonal screen is going to be the best I can do with my size limitations. But then I am not sure with after mounting and any needed spase to top of screen if I can even go that high. I am having trouble finding a size down like a 72" etc. Then there is aspect ratios to consider. I just don't know what to do.

Budget is $200. I have not ordered the BenQ W710ST yet. If I am going to mount it to the ceiling then I need short throw of less then 6'. That is the only accessible distance of the ceiling to fish wires to. As soon as I figure out the screen I plan on ordering the BenQ, screen, and a new Denon 2113 AVR. By the way the speakers I am worried about blocking that sit on my desk is Klipsch RB-61II.

I do plan on implementing 3D in the near future. I have a Radeon 6450 video card now and figure I will start with that or possibly upgrade it if needed. So that's another thing I am unsure of as for as screens go.

Oh I forgot to mention the room. It is in a basement with no windows. I can make it pretty dark. The ceiling is white and half the walls are white. I can paint them darker but I kept them White because I am afraid it would be to dark otherwise (well this was a concern before shopping for a projector). The room is roughly 20'L x 12'W X 7.5'H

Please help!

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Well I though about it and I am just going to flip the first half of the room 90 degrees. This is the section of the room we watch TV/Movies in. The only problem is speaker placement for the rears. I decided screw the rears if they are not placed perfect. I will try to tomorrow to move everything around and see if I can at least get the rears to fit behind the couch. If not I will just put them on the side. If I put them on the side, I will be behind the sound. I can toe them in but it still won't be optimal. Maybe down the road I can get surround speakers that are multi-directional. I have no real restrictions on the new wall the screen will go on. I'm just going to hold off buying the screen until I can play with the BenQ W710ST projecting straight on the wall. The wall is semi-smooth but at least I can get an idea what size will be best before ordering a screen. I can possibly go with a frame on this wall. I will have to run that by the boss lady.

I swear my plans keep changing by the minute. I think this is the best option. I think the screen placement is more important then rear speakers.
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