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Onkyo refurb from Accessories4Less a safe buy?

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I was interested in a couple Onkyos from A4L and was really digging the prices for their refurbs... particularly the RC360 and the NR609.

Onkyo HT-RC360
Onkyo TX-NR609

I've become a bit weary from reading about the video issues with certain onkyos and depending on the product, not 100% comfortable with refurbished.

I was planning on buying a new unit (~$500) in the summer, but I could afford to get one of these now with these prices.

I know everyone will have a different experience, but on the whole, is this a pretty safe move?
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From what I've seen, you have about a 98% chance of having no problems with A4L. From my experience, just hope you don't fall into the 2%.
whether you have a problem with the Onkyo unit itself... well it does have a 1 year warranty, and you would be dealing with Onkyo at that point. Even brand new units can have issues. Good luck.
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So I guess it is worth asking if Onkyo has fixed most of the video problems or if the refurb units shouldn't have that issue...
The 1 year warranty is a good thing, but I wouldn't want it to bite the dust shortly after that.

I guess I'm fishing for someone to just say buy it.
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I say you get the Denon 1913 refurb for $279 with free shipping.
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Thank you for the heads up Afro!
I was hoping for a Denon, I've heard better things about their receivers... but they seem to be more expensive for the same features.
But that 1913 fits all my needs and is about the same price after shipping.

Thanks again.
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.....And it is out of stock frown.gif
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I wouldn't buy a refurb Onkyo. The HDMI issues don't generally start happening until around 18 to 24 months, so a one year warranty wouldn't be very useful. Since the x09 and x10 receivers are still relatively new, it is difficult to say whether Onkyo has addressed the issue (I have seen a few HDMI failures on x09 receivers, none for x10 that I am aware of).

I was actually thinking about this last night. I can count on one hand the number of electronics gadgets that have failed on me over the years, and Onkyo is taking up two of those fingers. I've had a 3D0 game console fail (probably my fault for storing it in the attic for a brief period), a 20 year old Hitachi VCR (I'd say I got my money's worth), an XBOX 360 (red ring of death), an Onkyo SR606 (HDMI failure), and an Onkyo NR3008 (HDMI failure). Not good. eek.gif
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Well that's a bummer to say the least.

So I'm guessing I should just wait till I can buy a new receiver that is not known to have HDMI issues...

I'll keep my eye peeled for a good Denon in the meantime I suppose.
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Considering Onkyo's hdmi issues began with the 05 series, and every model line since has been affected, it would be a big gamble to purchase an onkyo on the idea that they have fixed the problem.
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I would not even think twice. I have a 608 I bought from a4less about two or more years ago.It looked like new, and never a problem. I had a 606 I gave to my son, several years old from them, still'works great. I hve never had a bad experience with a4 less, evry product looked new and never a problem. If you don't feel comfy just buy new,good luck.
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Also keep in mind that AC4L sells an inexpensive 3rd party extended warranty not to menion that if the unit is purchased with a credit card, the card issuer may add a 2nd year for free (Amex will for sure as will some MC/Visa).
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Well it seems I'm in the same position as i started...
I have waited for a couple years just sticking with my old Sony, I suppose I can wait a few months to get exactly what I want.
Thanks for everyone weighing in with their opinion.
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Note also that the various mfrs will be rolling out their 2013 models soon so there should be some good clearance deals on the 2012 models they are replacing.
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