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I am new to this forum so let me apologize in advance if I ask a common question,
I have a Misubishi HC5 (replacement for HC9000D)
Connected via HDMI 1.4a to a computer tower with a
NVIDIA GeFOrce GTS 250 Graphics Card.
I have the emitter and glasses for the projector.
And I am able to switch to 3D no problem and watch
SBS ripped movies and they look great, however,
when I try to play a 3D blu-ray .iso file, by mounting the image and
using powerdvd10, it says my bluray player is not compatible for 3d.
I tried it using total media theater 6 and I get sound but just a blue screen,
Almost like its trying to detect my projector but isn't working.

I know I could just keep taking the SBS route but I want to see the full quality.

Can somebody please help? Thanks in advance.