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I just recently got the CBM-170 SE bookshelf speakers. If you read reviews and testimonials and like what you hear people saying, based on my experience, I think the Ascends are right on for what the Ascend speaker owners are saying. Here's the owners thread if you want to learn more: http://www.avsforum.com/t/629769/ascend-se-owners-thread

The thing to do would be to order just the bookshelves for the rears and see what you think of the sound. Could be that something you test out somewhere locally will be more your listening preference. Then if you don't like how they sound, you are out the "demo" fee of shipping the one set back.
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Ya I'm rreally considering doing that. Your right about just ordering rears first. There specs are great on paper. And for the price factor direct is just plainness hard to beat
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Before you start ordering equipment, you might want to step back and think about the logistics of getting everything in your room first. 13' x 13' is tiny to begin with. You probably also have a door, a closet, and at least one window that will play into locating your equipment. Then there is furniture... what kind of seating? What kind of display, and is there a stand or equipment shelf/cabinet/rack associated? Other furniture like coffee table and/or end tables?

In a room like this, sadly, these type of logistical challenges usually need to take precedence over placement for absolute sound quality. A sketch/picture of the room and your proposed layout along with everything else that will be in the room would help a lot in anyone making recommendations. Again, it's unfortunate, but the "where" might need to be decided before the "what" with this type of room.

I'm not coming at this to be a complete naysayer or without having had been in a similar spot before... actually, this is a lesson I've learned by not having the flexibility to chose equipment like you do now. My first home after getting married had my equipment stuck in a similarly sized spare bedroom. All my equipment was stuff I already owned, so I shoe-horned it into the tiny space (large tower speakers, 92" projection screen, equipment stand with center and electronics under the screen, 5 cuft DIY sub, etc)... after all my gear was in, I only had room for 2 folding camping chairs for seating with the sub doing double-duty as end-table between the two chairs and projector stand... and this was even after picking up a pair of tiny bipole on-wall surrounds to free up some floor space around the seating.

I lived with the setup for about 9 months knowing it would be temporary, but had I been buying equipment strategically for the space and for more long-term use I would have done things much differently. First, a few questions...

1.) What type of display (LCD/Plasma, DLP RP, Front Projection)? How will it be mounted (on-wall, stand, cabinet)?
2.) What type of seating?
3.) What immovable room impediments exist (entry door, closet(s), window(s), etc)? A sketch or picture would help.
4.) Do you own the home? Can you wall-mount the display, use in-wall speakers, etc? If you don't and you can't, how long will you be in the current home?

I was about to let you know what I would do making some assumptions on the above questions, but honestly, the display/seating/room is too big of an impact on the equation to even make wild-guess recommendations.
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This room is actually 12x13 as a I made a typo. To answer your questions
1) 47inch vizio lcd
2) I have a very large loveseat and large sofa chair against the wall.
The loveseat will be directly across the room from the TV.
And the chair will be to one of the sidewalls.
3) there is the front door to the opposite side wall of the chair and the
small doorway entrance to the kitchen will be diganal from the front door on the same wall
The chair is. To sum it up the couch is on the west wall TV and small
metal and glass entertainment center on the east wall
and chair and kitchen entrence on the north wall and front door on
South wall
There will be a small window diretly behind the TV on the east side.
And a larger window on the south.

Just so u know the possibility of flipping the couch to the east and TV and stuff
To west. I just haven't made that final choice yet. My sons bedroom who is 15months old
Shares that west wall so noise wise I might be better putting the speakers on that
shared west wall where they will point away from his room.

4) I do not own the home bit I basically do. My moms a realitor and I rent it off her
But I plan on only staying here for a year or so and am not really intrested in in wall speakers.

And just a couple other notes. I have a laminate floor with good padding under it( I installed it myself) I
'm going to be purchasing a nice realitivly Med to thick area rug and put a coffee table type thing in the middle
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With that much furniture in the room and in-walls ruled out, I would strongly consider 4 matching on-walls for right/left/surrounds. These could be used as surrounds and back-surrounds in a future 7.1 system in a larger room. You could likely do without a center (phantom) as well. Squeezing two subs in seems like a misuse of space as well... get a single capable sub that you can add to with another identical when in a larger room as well. You can buy smart for the space you are in now and still plan for the future.

Also, if/when you replace your AVR, it sounds like you would benefit from a room correction system with some form of subwoofer eq, such as Audyssey MultEQ or higher... it may not completely eliminate the null, but it should flatten out much of the rest.
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Is audyssylike YAPO? cause do run yapo but its only one single
mic not multiple
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Audyssey and YPAO are both room calibration programs but they are not the same. In my opinion audyssey is better. It does multiple listening points either 6 or 8 and also eq's the subwoofer which YPAO does not do.
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Also I was thinking if I did go with some thing like the
Cmt 340 mains and center I could set my crossover way
lower like 60 or so letting the 6 and a half inch speakers do more
of the bass work. I think would would give me a feeling of having
a larger sweet spot for the Lowes.
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I had 3X340 across my front in a room a bit bigger(17X24) and had no problem filling it with LOTS of good sound. I still have the 170s from that system running in the back for surrounds. Back in the day,when I was putting together My first Ascend set-up, I used 170s for the front left and right as well as rear surround and one 340 for the center....for the dollars THAT system cost, I don't think you could do any better. If I was in your shoes, in that size room, I would do the 170s for fronts, A 340 for the center and 200s for surrounds, take the difference from using 340s across the front and 170s in the back and put towards your sub. Before the 340 was realeased I had tried 170s for L,C,R and THAT worked really well too. If I was doing a system for more music then movies, I would do 170s for mains...To me, I liked the 170s better for music. On top of all that, YOU really should figure out how your gear is all going to fit. Obviously, space will and should be a concern. Also, I don't know if you would be able to utilize the 340s to their potential in a room your size. You will be able to turn the 170s up loud enough to make yourself go deaf! Have you thought about using 5X200s? That would save you a bit of space... Call or email Ascend, Hell, call Dave...great guy to deal with and he will know better then anybody what will work best in your room. Now...all THAT being said, I have also done a 5.1 with all 340s and it was a very nice and very capable system. If you are really into music more then movies, then I might suggest SIerras...LOL...a smaller speaker that put out killer sound, even to the point of not needing a sub for most music...I am not a fanboy of Ascend, Just giving credit where credit is due. I have had 4 complete set ups in 3 different rooms and have had a pair of 170s somewhere in my house for going on 10 years....You can pay A LOT more and do a lot worse then Ascend...
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Thanks for the input raving n drooling. I will consider 200s all around
The reason for the 340s is because I will only be living here for another year or so
My next home WILL have a bigger.living room. Impossible to Predict but I'd be looking
for about twice this size. So I want to go overbored thus setup. And to add to that
Im the type that loves loud music and movies and im a fan of having speakers that
Can ALWAYS go a little louder ( Wich is the main rason for growing bored
Of my pro cinema 600) Also ill be listening to 60 or 70 percent movies
70 percent movies.
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I think you have the best idea so far ravinganddrooling! I really think I'm going to purchase the
170s for my fronts and 200s for rears. Then one day upgrade to the 7.1 and have the 340s in front.
That way I can test those speakers for a long time and if I'm not absolutely thrilled with them I can
Buy a diffrent brand tower for the front. This will also give me the opportuni ty to buy my svs sub
with money ill be saving. Thank you so much for your input!!!!!!smile.gif
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Sounds like a good plan. Let us know how they sound once you get them setup smile.gif
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Will do!!
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