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What do I need to implement 3D using AMD Radeon 6450 & BenQ W710ST projector?

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I just ordered the BenQ W710ST Projector which says it can do PC 3D although I am a little confused that it is HDMI 1.3 and I thought HDMI 1.4 was needed for 3D. Since it states it is 3D capable I want to figure out what is needed to to play 3D content from my PC. I have the Radeon 6450 Video card but I am not apposed to upgrading this if needed. I need recommendations and step by step instructions please.

This is how I will be connected to the BenQ projector (all connections using HDMI 1.4 cable). Video card - Denon 2113 3D pass through AVR - BenQ projector.
1) What kind of glasses/emitter do I need?
2) What software do I need?
3) Do I need a better video card (will VLC work as player)? Should I switch to Nividia?
4) Will any BR Drive play 3D (once I get needed software)?
5)Am I missing anything else?

I did a little research but since technology changes so fast sometimes it is hard to wade through the Google links.

Thanks a bunch!
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You are in luck since this is old tech, and most of the changes have happened. I have a BenQ w710st currently (couldn't pass on the sale.) and had a Optoma 720gt previously. I prefer the 710 for the multiple HDMI inputs and manual zoom. Both work great though.

I'm not familiar with the Denon 2133, but it's safest to go straight from PC to PJ as you are using a 120Hz signal the Denon may or may not support. You may need to run a second hdmi signal to your receiver or use optical, but that's another long and drawn out subject.

1) Glasses selection depending on video card. DLP link for Radeon, but I prefer Nvidia 3D vision with emitter for picture quality. DLP link seems washed out.
2) For Bluray software I've tried PDVD 10-12 ultra, and TMT5. I prefer PDVD, but you can get free trials for both.
3) I haven't tried the 6450, but I've tested a 5770 and it worked OK. Personally I prefer Nividia and 3Dvision kit since I also use it for gaming.
4) Every BR Drive I've tested works with 3D.
5) Whiskey and popcorn (or a Optoma 3dxl depending on how you want to use the setup.)

Have fun, and take your time. A little homework saves a lot of headaches.
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lurkor, Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it big time!

So you are saying to start all I need is a pair of DLP glasses & PDVD? Do you have any recommendations on a good pair of DLP glasses? What about the Tridef software I keep seeing mentioned for the Radeon HD cards? I guess I don't need that if I use PDVD?

Sorry for all the questions. Just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I purchase anything else. I don't game so I figure AMD would be the way to go for me since I won't need an emitter for the glasses. I will need 4 pairs of glasses so I want to keep cost down as much as possible at first. Everything I come across concerning the Radeon HD cards was that it required HDMI 1.4, so I was concerned about the BenQ W710ST being HDMI 1.3. I am glad you have had success with the Radeon cards. Hopefully the HD6450 will be a little better then the 5770 you tried since the 6000 series seem to be the first cards to be fully supported for 3D (at least that is what I took away from my searches).

I guess I will order some glasses then download the trial for PDVD and be set to go. Below is the sales pitch for the Denon 2113 I just ordered (should be here today). I guess I can just hook the HDMI to the projector and run a Optical cable to the AVR if needed. That is how my old Yamaha receiver is hooked up now.

Enjoy exceptional surround sound and the latest 3D movies with the AVR-2113CI IN-Command AV Receiver from Denon. This 7.1-channel home theater audio/video receiver offers seven discrete channels of equal power. It also delivers impressive picture quality with 3D and 4K pass-through and upscaling technologies. You can stream music from your Apple devices, PC, Mac, or the Internet. With six HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, the receiver lets you enjoy high-definition audio and video from a range of devices, including set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, game systems, and tablet computers.

Thanks again,
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Personally, I'd start with one pair of dlp link glasses. TMT5 seemed to favor AMD solution at the time, but it was years ago that I tried it. I tried Tridef a while back, but it didn't really do it for me. I have a feeling you'll end up going Nvidia, it's much easier especially for gaming if that's your thing.
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I don't play games much at all. I would rather stick with the Radeon cards because it is my understanding that with Nividia I would have to buy their emitter & glasses even for movies. Am i wrong? I do want the best video card though so if going Nividia is the ticket then I am not opposed to doing that. I just want the simplest setup for movies.

Did you have the Radeon card hooked to the BenQ W710ST?
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No, I tested the Radeon setup with the Optoma 720, but it is the same tech. I did try an Optoma 3dxl converter with the 2nd BenQ hdmi port and a stand alone bluray player, and it worked well. I've been meaning to test it with consoles, but haven't got around to it yet. It is all dlp link.

You will need the Nvidia glasses for the Nvidia setup for games and movies. There was an old hack that allowed you to use dlp link glasses without an Nvidia emitter, but I doubt it is useful anymore, and probably more trouble than it's worth. I prefer the Nvidia HTPC solution myself, but to each their own.
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I assume with the 3dxl you still need a 3D Blu-ray player? It would be nice to defer some cost if I could buy the 3dxl and use my current stand alone Blu-ray player. Otherwise I will most likely just stick with only the HTPC for media content. I have not read up on the 3dxl becasue I really didn't plan on using any stand alone devices. If it was as easy as buying the 3dxl and using the Blu-Ray player I have now then I would consider it. I don't think I have watched more then 2 movies on my Blu-Ray player since buying it a few years ago. We use my HTPC (the one that will be connected to projector) to feed media over the network to all other TV's in the house. My son has a little HTPC in his room, and we have a couple HDMI Laptops we use also. Other then playing 3D Blu-rays I see no reason for stand alone devices. We don't game much at all in this house. My son does a little gaming but not hard core. He plays Dirt sometimes. He is more into bike riding and girls (he is 16). My daughter (only have her part time) doesn't game either. She isn't into movies either she just wants to chase boys eek.gif

Thanks again for all your help! I was about to give up on the whole idea of 3D but you are giving me some hope that it probably isn't all that hard to figure out. I will consider purchasing a Nividia card but all this cost is adding up quick. I wouldn't mind so much buying the card, it's just that if I have to also buy the 3D kit as well it's just to much at the moment. I'm also upgrading my Klipsh reference series speakers and AVR too (Current speakers & AVR are 2006 tech). Pretty much a complete theater build. I still need a screen but am waiting to see what size is best after I play with the projector on the wall. Just dumped $800 on a new Sub too. If I don't get the Radeon working I will most likely put 3D on hold for a couple months then consider the Nividia.
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Get a cheapo pair of dlp link glasses and a trial version of power dvd or total media theater. I've heard WinDVD works as well, but I haven't tested it. You may also want to look into xbmc in the HTPC section of the forums. If it works, it works and you'll find out on the cheap. I really love the massive screens from the short throws, especially when they fill the entire wall. The 3D is pretty mind blowing. Good luck and have fun!
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I use Media Browser but have it setup to open VLC when playing Movie/TV show through it. I tried XBMC for a minute but didn't really give it a chance becasue I am happy with Media Browser and know my way around it. I use Media Center Master too. I probably won't worry about storing any 3D content in my Media folders at first so I won't need any players to work with Media Browser. I just had a thought, I wonder if I will need to worry about any codecs with PDVD? The reason I use VLC is so I don't need to worry about most codecs. I assume PDVD is set to go to play any kind of 3D format I may come across. I'm not going to download the trial untill I glasses and projector all ready. Don't want to burn any trial time messing with it now.

I been browsing Amazon for glasses. Looks like the True Depth and the 3DTV Corp glasses get good reviews. Hopefully the Projector ships soon! I ordered it a couple days ago but Amazon shows it as shipping soon. For some reason Amazon seems to be slower lately at shipping then they used to be. Last few items have taken longer to receive. I will order glasses today after I figure which ones to order. Might hit Newegg or Ebay to compare prices and maybe get faster shipping.
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One last thing. Be sure to rent, borrow, or buy Imax Under the Sea for a test run. Once you kiss the six foot cod there is no turning back.
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I am going to order the True Depth glasses tomorrow from Amazon and I will add Imax under the sea to my order. I been tracking my Projector and it looks like it will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to play 3D when it gets here.

Thanks for your help,
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I had an older PC laying around and in drunken curiousity I tested the 3D movie playback with the 5770, pvd12 ultra, and tmt6 in dlp link mode on the benq. Everything was autodetected including 120hz 720p resolution with new catalyist drivers. Super easy and you should have no problems at all. You may have the swap left-right eye in the player menu, and be sure dlp sync is activated on the projector, but other than that it was flawless. You're going to love it!
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have you ever thought of or looked at getting a socond projector of the same type and doing a true passive 3d dual projector stack ? you would geta a far better 3d image, brighter and wont need to charge glasses or replace batteries, its amazing for gaming and you can use the same video card you have and use the tridef software for game interface to translate to 3D. long threads about this in here. just a thought..
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I did, but I like to keep it simple. The 3d xls are getting cheap enough now to entertain the notion for movies anyway.
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i have been offering a better alternative to the 3d-xl, its the geobox 201 demultiplexer, its one box instad of you needing 2 3d-xl's and a splitter. its just about the same cost as the optoma setup and takes a dvi input and auto demultiplexes 3D to the two outputs. just an option if you decide to go that way. it avoids any flicker you get from shutter glasses as well.
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Are you using DVI or HDMI cable to projector for 3D?

I'm still waiting for my glasses to ship from Amazon. Been sitting there for a couple days waiting to be shipped. Should have ordered from the EGG they would be here by now. I wanted Amazons easy return though just in case they don't work out.
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Both digital dvi-to-hdmi, and hdmi-to-hdmi work equally well. Tested with Ultraclear HD dlp link glasses. No issues whatsoever.
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Thanks for your help. It looks like I have everything I need for when the glasses get here. Is there a way to tell if 3D is working without having glasses? I ran the PDVD 3D test and passed. Right now all I have is a couple SBS 3D movies I downloaded. I have a few Blu-Ray 3D movies on order with the glasses with one being your recommended Imax Under The Sea.
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Not to be rude, but let's keep the ducks in a row until they hatch (or something like that.)
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Ok, so I guess there is no such way to tell if I actually have 3D playback until I get the glasses. I just thought it would be nice to be all set and ready so I can get straight to watching Imax Under the Sea when it gets here. smile.gif
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Did not work out so well. For some reason power DVD closes on me when trying to play 3D. The first time I tried it and I enabled 3D the screen went black. Then I realized I didn't turn DLP link on in the projector menu. I changed the setting then tried to restart the Blu-ray and Power DVD just shuts off and a pop up asking me to upgrade appears. I have over 20 days left on trial.

So I downloaded THT6 and I enabled 3D using the DLP projector option. The Blu-ray plays but the screen is blurry and I see some objects as double. Not what I expected. Do I have the wrong setting in either the video driver, player, or projector? My video has the projector set at 120Hz. I'm going to change that to 60Hz and try again. I will report back in the meantime if you can think of settings I should be enabling or changing please let me know.

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Do you have the connection going straight from PC to PJ with hdmi as I suggested earlier? Is your PJ the only video device connected to your PC? Update Pdvd, it's free. How old are your Catalyst drivers? 60hz will not work at all with that style of 3D. Keep everything simple until it works. Other than that I don't know what to tell you. I can't imagine a 5 series card would do worse than a 6 series for 3D playback. Most important, don't panic.
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yes I am running from video card to projector with HDMI. What setting in THT do you use. should I use DLP or select AMD?
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I got it working! I selected AMD in TMT6 instead of projector and I was blown away watching a few minutes of Imax Under The Sea. That snake came right up to my face. Way better then I imagined.

Thanks for your help,
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In TMT6 it should be: AMD HD3D with a red Radeon logo on the right side of the bar.

For PDVD12 is should be: 120Hz time sequential 3D LCD.

Both autodetected for me. It sounds like you're close.

whoops, looks like you already figured it out......... Cheers!

PS: You're going to love the cod.
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I have not sit through all of Imax Under the Sea yet. Do you happen to know how far into it the Cod scene is? Everything is working great. 3D played perfect through my Denon AVR too. I was worried I was going to have to purchase a Nividia Video card to get everything to work smoothly but this AMD card is working just fine. Once I changed the settings in the player to auto everything worked perfect. I made the mistake of changing it to DLP projector first try but once I realized it needs to be set to my actual video card everything just worked without any other tweaks. Now I just need to decide which player I want to purchase. Probably purchase PDVD since it is about $40 cheaper on sale right now.
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The 3D played perfectly through the Denon? Nice! I think I'll know which receiver I'll be picking up next. The cod is about half way through. He is big, yellow, and very friendly. I prefer PDVD since I'm already used to it, and being on sale doesn't hurt. It's plump, but has a lot of features included with the package. I'm glad it worked out well for you. smile.gif
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Yes, I have my computer plugged into one of the HDMI inputs on the Denon and the projector plugged into the Denon's HDMI out. I tested with the built in video conversion/upscale on and off and 3D seems to be working fine either way.

I just watched the Cod scene, He's pretty cool. Thought he was going to bite my head off but he was nice and left me alone smile.gif.
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