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Networking AV setup

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I'm having a verizon guy come over today to install an Ethernet jack behind my console. I'm tired of shabby wifi network connection, and want to take advantage of my 75mbps speed. What is the best way to get all of my components online? I have a VT50, an Oppo 103, and an Xbox that I'd like to get hardwired in- will I need another router, or an Ethernet switch, or something else? Thanks for the advice!
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come off the router into a switch. I installed a jack behind my equipment and ran the line to where my modem and router are. plugged that line directly into router, plugged a switch into the jack behind my equipment and connected several pieces of equipment to the switch. works great. verizon installer probably answered this for you already lol
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Thanks again.
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One further question along the same lines- I got things all hardwired in as described above (to the internet). I am looking to buy a Denon 3313 receiver. I was wondering, with the HDMI 1.4 capabilities, could I have all devices share a connection (via hdmi cables that are neccessary anyway), and get rid of the 4 ethernet cables in the console?
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I don't believe that the Ethernet via hdmi is set up in the equipment yet. will be nice when they do.
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