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I just purchased Martin Logan Motion 4's as my fronts, 2's as my surround and 6 as my center. Also have a powered subwoofer. I have a Yamaha receiver that is a few years old, but puts out 90watts per channel and can be put at 6phms to match the speakers. I like the sound, but feel I'm not getting everything out of the system. The components are run through HDMI cable and the speakers through good to decent wire. I guess my question is what can I do to improve the overall performance? I just don't feel I'm getting the overall "big" sound I want. Still seems small not wrapping the listner in music.

Also, my cd player just took a dump. I'm using a Blue Ray player knkow to play my cd's. Is this a mistake? Does a good Cd player really make much of a difference?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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You'd probably get better response by posting this in the Setup forum, not the A/V distribution forum.

The Motion 4s are not going to give you "big" sound, they're pretty small speakers with very limited low end - i.e. you're not going to get much in the bass department outa them.

That being said, the single thing you could do to improve your sound the most is to buy a good subwoofer. Head on over to the subwoofer sub-forum for recommendations.
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Thanks for the advice. I do have a Martin Logan 500
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Originally Posted by Jutl View Post

Thanks for the advice. I do have a Martin Logan 500

Well, not a monster sub to be sure but should get the job done. How big of a room you got?
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Fairly small with tile flooring. Just don't get the same sound as in the store. A little dissappointing.
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"Fairly small" doesn't help much - dimensions would be great, along with pics would be even better! biggrin.gif

What is the model of your receiver?

What sources are you using (Blu Ray, CD, cable, etc.) and what are you most disappointed with on each?
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