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Help with my speaker "upgrade"

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I am getting a new receiver (Onkyo TX-NR809) so I am looking to update some older speakers and go to 7.1 sound by adding front highs.

I currently have 5.1 running:
Pioneer SP-FS51-LR (fronts)
Pioneer SW-8 (sub)
Cambridge Soundworks MC300 (center)
Cambridge Soundworks S300 dipole/bipole (surrounds)

So I am looking to upgrade the center channel, surrounds, and add front highs. I am looking to spend less than $500

I think I have looked so much I am at a loss on which way to go. Of course I want the best sound for the money but also keep the speakers as small as possible.

Here are some I looked at:

Polk TL250
Energy take classic 5.0
Klipsch Quintet 5.0

I have also looked at getting the Pioneer SP-C22 (center channel) to match the Pioneer towers and then get the backs and high fronts separate. However, this gets more expensive than my other options

I have a pretty small room - 15x13 room, sit straight on at about 13ft. About 8 foot ceilings

Any suggestions, preferences, best way to go....help in general

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Hello, Welcome to the Forum.

Let me start by asking why you feel the need to upgrade the center and the surrounds? Do they sound bad to you? Or is it just that they are old?

I ask this because I have a little bit of experience with these Cambridge speakers and I must say that they will most likely outpace any satellite speaker set. Some argue that a monopole is a better sounding surround than a bipole or a dipole, perhaps that is the case here...

The other case may be the size of the speakers however those pioneers are not small are they?

Speakers tend to operate on the triangle rule... there is sound, money, and small size on a triangle. Pick two lol.

If you do decide to ditch the surrounds you may have a buyer in me. Keep me posted.
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I am not totally against keeping the speakers but I figured it may be time to "upgade" if I was adding 2 front highs. I have heard where people suggest keeping with the same speakers when possible instead of having the mismatched speakers. So if I just get the 2 front highs that will increase the number of mismatched speakers I have. I am sure it probably isn't a huge deal in most cases other than astatically it might look a little better. Also, before my Pioneers I had some Cambridge Soundworks T300 that I had a lot of problems with the powered bass on them so I got rid of them. When I went to the Pioneers I thought the sound was better which even my wife noticed. So that put a little bug in back of my mind that maybe I can get the rest to sound better too if I make some other changes. Since I was pulling everything out and I wanted to add the highs I thought this would be a good time to make a change if I could get them in a package.

Overall, I think the surround speakers sound good on blurays but could be better on other digital sources such as digital cable (FIOS). Maybe it is the configuration with my current receiver but I feel they sound weak in most other cases.

So again I think my system sounds pretty good but it is really hard to tell unless you compare it against something else in the same space.

Any other suggestions out there?
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I would get the pioneer center and for front heights I would get the Pioneer bookshelves. That way it all matches up and it only costs a few hundo.

I haven't heard the Cambridge in a long time since a friend had a whole set in his townhouse in college, but I have a hard time believing that you will increase your experience from cheap speakers(the three sets you mentioned) over the premium level speakers you have now. New speakers are not necessarily better speakers.

As far as them sounding different from diff sources, I have the same experience with blu rays, nothing sounds as good or dynamic.
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Thanks, you guys helped. So I went back and did some reverse research on what I have I think I am going to stick with them and just get the front highs. The specs on the Soundworks speakers are pretty good.

I am still thinking about which front highs to get but at least I know which direction I will be going
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