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HDTV Inline Amplifer

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I have a HDTV inline Amp 30dB 40-2400 MHz, Ultra High Gain

I hook it up to my DTV Converter Box, the Other end to the Antanna Part...Nothing

Output RCVR: Antanna in going to the DTV Box

Input LNB: UHF/VHF Antanna

6ft Cable I'm using

My reception is bad here, I'm in the Valley in Vallejo
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Boosting a bad signal just gives you an amplified bad signal.

You should try to reorient your antenna and/or get a "better" antenna.
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Post your tvfool results so we can get an idea of reception in your area.
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And... make/model of the amp you're using, make model of the antenna you're using, where the antenna is mounted/located, length of each (individual) coax runs, problematic symptoms prior to the introduction of the amp and which channels were good and bad prior to the introduction of the amp.
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I hook it up to my DTV Converter Box.

From OTA antenna to an amp to a DTA box to your TV is this correct.
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Mario....Like others I'm a bit confused by your post.

I'm going to assume your DTV converter is a DirectTv

satellite receiver,if so you can't connect your tv antenna

to the LNB input, it would have to connected to the antenna(ANT)

input. If the DTV box is not on an active subscription it may not

passthrough the tv signal. Try going antenna directly to the tv set.

Good luck, DDK
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Just so we're on the same page....

DTV is Digital TV (antenna and OTA tuner, whether external or internal to the TV)
D* is DirecTV (satellite dish and receiver)
Which are you referring to?

An inline amp can be different. Is it an antenna premp (at the mast), a powered booster between the antenna and tuner or a bullet type amp that is powered by a satellite receiver?

I'm not a dentist. You shouldn't have to pull teeth to get information to solve a problem.
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MarioMania hasn't been online in a day and a half and so he hasn't seen any of these responses, unless he has been lurking.
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Based on this and past posts/threads by the OP, this is just par for the course. rolleyes.gif
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To the OP if you are still reading these responses, we are not trying to be negative, our goal is to be helpful and educate.
So if you are we await some more facts from you, you can begin with the make and model of all components from the antenna to the TV (or just give us what you have).
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I got my answer, thanks for the help guys
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And.... what was the answer????
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