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Refurb TVs

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Is buying one a bad idea. After guidance for the community I bought my parents a refurbed reciever and save a lot. What about for TVs. If its ok what sites have them. Thanks.
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Depends on price, vendor and warranty. I buy most of my Apple electronics refurbished but Apple has great CS. Of course a TV is more fragile and packing is problematic unless done professionally.
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I was looking for a tv early 2009, so 4 years ago. A new LED tv was expensive at the time regardless what model as that was the first year they came out with the edge lit designs. I couldnt find anything within my price range that was the type of quality I wanted. I found a Samsung 4681f, probably a little over a year old model. Still one of the best tvs you could buy at the time and way better than what I could get new with the money I wanted to spend. Im still using the tv today and it is great. Getting a refurb imo could be the safer choice. When you get a new one it may have a problem or develop a problem. The refurb probably already went through w.e problem or problems it was going to have and now is fixed and probably less likely to have a problem compared to a new one. There is also no discernable difference from a new tv.
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I think it depends on a large part who the mfr is. Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung etc. would probably be ok if bought from a reputable dealer and you carefully read the warranty. Vizio, never.
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I always buy from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Sometimes the price of a "Like New" or "Very Good" TV is 30-50% off a new one. If there is a problem it is very easy to return.

Occasionally you can even find products that are never opened but the package is damaged. Last week I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The box was damaged but the tablet was 100% new. Sadly it is going back because the resolution rate is too low.
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