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Yamaha RX-A2020 or Integra DTR 50.4

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I am after cinema like experience for watching movies, also want to listen to music; speakers gonna be the BW CM9; what is best AV receiver to go with these speakers, I am considering the RX-A2020 or the Integra DTR 50.4 but open for suggestions.

Thank you.
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I have owned Yahama receivers in years past, but switched to Integra over the last several. I have a very reliable Integra 8,8 which I bought in 2006. I just moved that from my hometheater to my family room and purchased the Integra dtr-50.4 last weekend. After a day of so of integration and set-up I must say I am even more impressed. I mostly use the receiver as a controler as I power my fromt speakers with an Emotiva xpa-3 amp. I am glad to recommend the Integra. I also looked at the Yahama and the Marantz 7007. I would think that the Yahama sits behind both of these. The Yahmah just seemed to be a cheaper build. IMHO. Happy shopping!
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Thanks appreciate your feedback, I did allot of comparisons, I too see the integra shining more than others at this point of time, I am leaning more towards 50.4
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Bought a Yamaha 2020 and ended up returning it. Bass management was terrible. I couldn't believe how bad this receiver sounded at this price point. The menu's were also confusing and the automated setup was basically useless. Returned it after trying to get decent sound out of it for a few hours. Ended up with the Integra 50.4 and it sounds way better. These two receivers aren't even in the same league in my opinion. The Integra has a far better room correction system and amplifier and is much easier to navigate. Yamaha was a big disappointment.
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I have been faithful Yamaha buyer for almost 30 years. The last two reveivers I bought had issues within the first 3 years. One volume knob failed which I was able to fix by following a Youtube video but that should not have happened so soon. More disappointing was my RX-V765 ended up with untollerable white noise in one of the surround channels. Quote was $300 to fix so I opted to move it upstairs to my 5.1 setup where I did not need that channel. I had the 765 in a 7.2 setup. KEF in wall fronts and center with Niles audio surrounds and a Klipch sub. System sounded very good but for what I spent in speakers, cables (Blue Jeans 10 gauge) and time installing it, it just seemed to be missing the mark.

Bought the 50.4 after hours of research and visiting several higher end stores. Granted that I went from 95w to 135w but the Integra blew the Yamaha away. My wife was very skeptical that she would notice a differnce but when we watched just regular TV that was broadcast in 5.1 all she could say was "Wow!" The Audessy setup took about 30 minuted and I have had pure listening and viewing pleasure ever since.

The system is used for 40% tv, 40% movies and 20% music. I love having Pandora right in the receiver for gatherings or a workout.

I would tell anyone looking for an AV receiver to strongly consider Integra.
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