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VPL-VW 60 Lightning Strike - Proving it..... how ,they say plugging in caused it !!

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Hello guys, not sure if this is the correct location for this.

I bought this projector 2nd hand. It only has about 300hrs on it in total.

My setup only has a lightning surge protector on it for the power. It is not on a UPS.

I don't eve have a screen yet and have only had it about two months.

It is connected using a 15m HDMI cable (cheapie)

Twice now we have had lightning that has been closeish but not a direct strike. More a flash with a loud thump and the windows rattle.But possibly with some sort or pressure wave or static charge ?

But basically twice when the unit has been in standy it seems to have blown the hdmi port.
First time I simply plugged into the additional hdmi port and carried on working.

This time no luck as it already had one blown.

Is this common ? I understand when you take a direct or fairly direct strike but this was not exactly on my door step.I was very surprised todays strike was able to affect it.

Can it be repaired and what can I do to try and prevent this in the future ?
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First there is no surge protector that will protect from a direct lightning strike, that's what insurance is for. Surge protectors come from when energy enter the power lines, cable lines, phone lines etc. Your first defense is make sure your home's ground is good, n electrician would check this. Because without a solid ground my next suggestions won't work well. The best protection is a whole house surge protector installed by an electrician at your electrical service panel. You should also have one for the cable line as well where it enters your home. This will protect from most surges coming down the power lines and lightning is a big cause of these types of surges. Surges coming from within the house like when motors turn on and off, etc. can be stopped by a dent surge protector. I would recommend one that doesn't divert the surge energy to ground. Surge X, Zero Surge, Some Furman models are common brands but there are others. Either way it is not something you are going to find at an electronics or hardware store.

There are also HDMI surge protectors and we have seen your problem many times where the damage blows out all the HDMI ports. If you have everything else in place I would consider HDMI surge protection the last level of protection but you can get it in lieu of some of these other devices. I know budget gets crazy with some of this stuff and it is a little over kill. So if I had to do one thing it would be the whole house surge protection for electrical and cable lines but an HDMI protector might be less expensive.

Lastly, sags in power cause more damage than surges and are more frequent so a UPS is a good idea.
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Thanks for the response. Much appretiated.

I think I'm going to do both,

Get an HDMi protector....didn't know they existed and get a full online UPS.

I think the repair cost on the HDMI is probably going to be more than those combined anyway.

Just so irratating. Bolt was say within 500m. Not even close to direct. We have had direct in the past and twice lost our HD Satelite decoder.
That I fully understand.

I suppose it's a chance to upgrade and improve my enviroment smile.gif
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Ok .... So I booked in my Projector with a repair place.

In my curreny they have quoted just over R 10 000 ..so in US terms it's roughly $ 1 110.

The most expensive part they have listed has a vague description of Replace component Board R 6 650 ...$ 738

The next is Replace Component Ribbon. R 980 ...$ 108

Now I know the prices would not be as low as you American's probably could get them for but how could I find a place online that does parts for different projectors to try compare.

Maybe it's worth my while importing parts.

So far the repairs is more expensive than what I paid for the projector up front frown.gif I just want to make sure I'm not being had.
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OK, so new problem.

It looks like I am covered by insurance for this type of thing... Lightning Damage.

My problem though is as follows.

Since owning the device, 2x I have haad surges from Lightning that both times has blown the HDMI ports.

The first case was at night time we had a storm pull through while the machinewas in standby mode. Next day tried and HDMI was not working.

Next time the unit was on and we were watching a kids movie in the afternoon when it got hit again.

My insurance wants a letter stating that lightning can blow these ports but my repair centre says that I blew them because of plugging the HDMI ports while the machine was on.Now I work in the It industry and know about how to plug the cables in correctly.

The silly thing is mounted nearly 3M's from the ground. How could I just plug it in I ask ?

What can I do to substantiate my case about lightning strike and surges comming down HDMI cables ?

Any help wouldbe much appretiated.
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Did you tell the repair center that it blew from lightening strike? If so, and they insist on saying it blew because you plugged in the hdmi cable while the projector was on then try to find another repair center and start over, explaining what happened and you need a letter saying it was a lightening strike. If not, I though hdmi was supposed to be hot swappable, meaning you can plug/unplug cables while the equipment is on, at least i theory. http://www.hdmi.org/installers/insidehdmicable.aspx. Maybe you can convince the repair center of this. Can you contact Sony and ask if the pj's hdmi ports are hot swappable? Maybe they can send you some documentation saying so.
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If you blew an HDMI port by hot swapping, then there would be a million people with this problem, myself included.
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Originally Posted by AV Science Sales 5 View Post

If you blew an HDMI port by hot swapping, then there would be a million people with this problem, myself included.


Thanks for confirming this; my a$$ just tightened thinking of how I have some-how avoided blowing my PJ all the times I have hot-swapped my HDMI cables.
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Those hdmi chips are sensitive. Storm blew the port up on my ps3 once. It's very odd as there was no other damage.

I try to unplug when it storms now, habit for a lot of people in tornado alley.
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