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internet radio

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i finally have wifi in my shop, had to use a yagi antenna and a linksys router with dd-wrt to get it but it works 200 ft from the house and i'm happy. i listen to internet radio a lot in the house. the music i like, commercial free biggrin.gif

currently i use my tablet to stream shoutcast radio to an old home stereo with 4 huge craigslist marantz speakers, using a headphone splitter to stereo rca jacks. i'd like to get a dedicated internet radio ad-on to work with my receiver. what's available that doesn't need a tv monitor to stream internet radio? it can be wifi or hardwired ethernet.

i see a lot of $300 internet radio players out there. is there anything cheaper than that? preferably plug into the wall and rca jacks vs a tablet with headphone adapter and charger. plus i'd like my tablet back to read the paper biggrin.gif
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I use a Squeezebox classic, but this unit here looks like it would work and around $80-$100. I have no experience with the Grace, just saw it on the web.

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lots of $100 options, i just picked up 2 harman kardon avr 1700 receivers for $199 each. 5.1 surround, 6 hdmi in, usb, 100 watts per channel, universal remote AND network capable. you'd think that internet radio would be a $49 box. i should have picked up a 3rd hk 1700 for the shop.

anyone else have ideas for cheap internet radio?
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I'm very happy with my Sangean WFR-28 Rechargeable Portable WiFi Internet Radio: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0085H18W4/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
For $125 and free shipping- it plays internet stations, from USB stick, from a UPNP NAS on our network or FM too.
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Original XBOX with XBMC $15-$25 been using it for years.
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thanks for the replies guys. sangean only has headphones out to the receiver. sangean has some nice stuff with rca out for the receiver but they want $200 to $40 just for the radio. and xbox requires use of a tv to tune it. my tablet works for now. just thought there would be a $49 fix to my search. my neighbor has an old android phone that i may try, it still works on wifi. you'd think that with new bluray players going for $49 with netflix, pandora and 10 other apps, that i'd be able to find an internet radio add-on for my receiver for cheap.
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I can't find the HK AVR 1700 at that price. Are they used, refurb or new, and where? Thanks.
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bestbuy had new hk avr 1700 for $199 in december and january. smoking deal, msrp is $599. not worth that price but well worth the $199 price.
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I'll use camelcamelcamel to track.
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Looks like BB is no longer carrying it so I will try amazon.
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