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Hooking up rca plug speaker to avr.

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Hi all. I have searched hi and low for an answer but can't find one. I need to hook up some speakers that have RCA hookups to an avr that does not. I thought about.buying sub coax cables and on one end, using RCA to + - speaker wire adaptors. Another idea I had was to build my own cable using 14 or 16awg wire and terminate it in RCA. Although I don't know where to buy the RCA connectors to do this. Much thanks for all the advice!
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Speakers that have direct wiring with RCA plugs? They must be older and from a inexpensive "all in one" system. The easiest, best, cheapest and most practical way is to just cut the ends off and strip the wires. Why would you not consider this?
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William is right, cut the tips off and wire directly. The center conductor should be the positive (+) connector.
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The AVR probably has spring clip connectors, like my old one. The question, then is, what type of connection does the speaker, itself, have?

Is the wire attached to the speaker? Or, what type of connection does the speaker have?

To the OP, can you take pix of both the AVR and speaker connections?

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Well I'm in the process of slowly building my system so I don't want to just snip off the end rcas although I did consider it. I would rather wire up everything using the heavy gauge wire like I said and then towards the end of the year when I upgrade the speakers, I will already have the wire ran and I'll just simply snip off the RCA connectors going to my speakers. Let me try to clarify a bit. The speakers themselves use RCA connection. I just need to know if a solderless adaptor is available. The avr is an onkyo by the way. Hope this helps!
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... so you are running speaker wire with future speaker upgrade in mind and your speakers have a female RCA input jack on them?. If so run your speaker wire and just take any standard RCA male to male coaxial cable and cut in half. Strip/splice the wires with RCA center to speaker wire positive and RCA outer mesh to speaker negative and use wire nuts or electrical tape.
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Are these speakers powered (i.e. do they have to be plugged into a power outlet)?

Would help immensely if you knew the make and model of the speakers or posted some pics.
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I actually didn't think of that. I do like that idea.
They are actually the mirage clones that were made by spherex. Seeing how they are rare and somewhat of a collectible, I have 15 of them now lol. 2 complete systems and one original box biggrin.gif
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