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Denon 2313ci with Cambridge S30... To warm?

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I have recently been gifted a denon 2313ci and am looking for a bookshelf 5.1 system for wall mount. Having heard such wonderful things about the S30 I was considering them. Almost pulled the trigger until I noticed that most descriptions of both the denon and the cambridge use the word warm. I am now wondering if this would make the sound to warm for a home theater setup?

Any observations on a similar setup would be appreciated.

Recommendations on other speakers that would compliment the denon in a similar price range would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance
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Dunno if this helps, but I had a 2113CI briefly before I upgraded to a Marantz SR5007. With the FS52s I had at the time, the two receivers sounded similar, and I am currently loving the S30s on the Marantz. Although the the S30s sound warmer than the FS52s, to me, they don't sound so much 'warm' as 'correct'.

Other less warm options worth considering:
  • HB-1 MK2: I'd still have these if not for the S30
  • Paradigm Atom Monitor v.7: sounded solid in the showroom

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Receivers are not supposed to color the sound. If there is a difference, it would be very slight. I wouldn't worry about it because it's going to be impossible to predict speaker/amp synergy like that, and how your room affects the sound will have a much greater impact. So anyone else's experience will probably not predict yours.

Plus, to me, the S30s are a touch warm sounding. I think they will sound warm with whatever you run them with.
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