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Upgrade Questions

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New to the forum, with several questions.

I am looking to upgrade my current system. It isnt an ideal situation, but my system is in a large 30 by 40 multi use room. Running a Sharp 90" tv, with Paradigm Studio 100's, Studio CC, and Servo Sub.

Some of my requirements:
- 95% used for Home Theater - so really want a great center speaker
- Going to be using a Standout Design 82" stand. Center speaker dimensions can be 39 by 11 by 20. It will be enclosed.
- Ideally getting a smaller footprint mains - ive been considering bookshelfs, or narrower mains. Would prefer width less than 10" if possible.

What ive been looking at so far:
- Paradigm S2/S6 with a C5 center. Several year old series... so will a new version be coming out soonish?
- B&W 805 / 804 Diamonds with HTM4 center. Like the mains sound, but not as impressed with the center. Due to my size constraints, the HTM2 would be too large.
- Dynaudio Confidence C1 ii, and Confidence center. Like the sound, but they are also a lot more than the other speakers.

On each of the options, I can get a sizable discount, which helps...

- Any thoughts on my speaker options? Other speakers to consider in that range?
- Sub options? I have just started reading up on some subs. Will try to listen to as many as I can, but being in Canada, we dont have the same options to listen to. I would really prefer one good sub to 2 or more. There is a WAF factor here.
- Currently running a Denon AVR 4520 in a 7.1 format - with the main bi wired. Is that sufficient, or do I need a separate amp. Would I notice a large improvement? If so, any recommend amps?

Thanks for any help. I am reading up on a lot of things here, but would appreciate any assistance.

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One of the most highly recommended sub manufacturers here on AVS is SVS Sound. And they have a Canadian distributor. Then there is also Funk Audio which is a Canadian company. Given how expensive subs are in Canada, you won't do better than one of these two vendors. Research in the AVS subwoofer forum to learn more about those companies and their products.
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