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JVC dilemma, need opinions

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My current projector died. I have the opportunity to purchase either a used JVC HD350 or a Pioneer Elite Pro which is a rebadged JVC RS2 with some Kuru tweaks. Both are about $1000. The Pioneer is practically NOS, about 200 total hours. I've got it set up now showing on my silverstar 110 and it looks amazing to me. The HD350 has been used much more but it's in great shape. My question is, is there going to be a huge difference between the two PQ wise. I know the 350 is a newer gen. Viewing is mostly DTV Hi-Def, SD DVD (no blueray yet) mostly movies. Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Anyone. Is there going to be a quality difference between the two.
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I owned them both at one time, the Pioneer version as well the HD350.

It's strictly based on memory and individual models, so YMMV.

My recollection is the RS2 clone seems to have better contrast but less bright while the HD350 is a tad sharper.

Physically the RS2 has the outputs in the back, not on the side.

In terms of noise, the newer model is definitely quieter, noticeable but not drastic.

The vertical and horizon adjustment on the RS2 is mechanical while the HD350 is electronically controlled. I found the mechanical lens door opening sounds (like a Sanyo z4000) like scraping sandpaper. Ugh!

Unless you put them side by side, it's a toss up. Your room environment would also affect the contrast.

I'll pick the one with the lesser usage, the Pioneer in this case though it's older. If they are the same vintage, go for the HD350. Brightness matters more to me.

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Thanks dragon for the reply. I have been watching the Pioneer version of the RS2 now for a few days. The screen is a silverstar with a gain closer to 3 as many say so the brightness has not been an issue. I have noticed the blacks are very black but they also seem to have some crush going on. I adjusted the 2.2 gamma to bump in the 5% range and that did seem to help some. I was just expecting more shadow detail. Everything else seems very good. Didn't know if others with experience with both had a firm choice on one verses the other.
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I've similar dilemma but with the Sony line, the HW20 vs. VW85. The former is brighter but less contrast. For wanting CRT-black, the VW85 is tempting but neither is a bad choice.

Back in 2001, my 1st Panasonic ae100 is a 480p model with a contrast ratio of 500:1 (that was stretching).
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I had a RS-1 for 3 years and now a RS-35 for the last 3 years. If it were me, I'd go for the RS-2 due to concerns over the pink banding issues that some of experienced with the RS10 - RS35 series. It's hard to know how big the problem really is (people are good at posting problems but don't normally post about the lack of problems). For me, going from a RS-1 to a RS-35 was quite an improvement. I would imagine that you would be quite pleased with the HD350 (in comparision to the rebadged RS-2) but the trade- off could be longevity.

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Based on what I read, all JVCs from HD1/RS1 to RS35/HD950 have this pink band issues; It really depends on your luck. Most of us are/were happy owners.
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Just for the info for others that might be considering either of these projectors used, I've lived with them both now a few weeks. Overall, in my situation, the HD350 is the better unit and is staying. Sharpness is noticeably better and there is a noticeable difference in contrast. The shadow tones on the HD350 are more open even after adjusting the gamma on both to get the best out of them I could. Don't get me wrong, both are great projectors. There is no banding on the 350 that I can see and the picture it throws is just a tad better all around. My two cents.
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I finally settled on a Sony VW85, but it was not an easy decision over the HW20 which is newer with one year warranty left.
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