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The sub from my Harman Kardon HKTS-18 setup died a couple of weeks ago, so I picked up the Klipsch RW12D from Newegg when that killer sale was going on. Go to set everything up, and initially it seemed to be working but strangely. There was a low hum constantly and pretty awful performance --- I wrote it off to not being calibrated.

The next morning I went to investigate and it had zero output. I checked the cable and sub with another old Sony receiver I had and it worked fine. Then I tried another old sub I had with the Onkyo and it didn't work either ---- so its definitely the receiver. I checked all the settings and can't find anything to indicate that its off or anything like that. The receiver is nearing 5 years old and I have noticed that it doesn't pack the same punch as it used to (or so it seems). Is this is a typical failure mode in aging receivers? Or am I being a complete idiot and missing something?