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Hello! I just Ordered Z906 speakers today.

I am willing to use optical connection, with spdif , from my on board sound chip.
My mobo is ASUS P7P55D. On Board Sound Chip is VIA vt1828s 8-channel hd audio. As i looked in specs, it has Dolby Digital Live and DTS connect.. [link is here:

After a lot of searching today, i realised that if i want to play games through spdif with true 5.1 sound, and not through z906' 3D, i need this dolby digital live or dts connect decoding..
As for movies, i think that i must choose spdif out from my player just to have true 5.1.

at soundacrd's control panel , in spdif settings, it has a button "dts interactive" which can pushed on or off.. Will it work that way? I hope so..
i'd prefer not to spend more money for an extra sound card if i can do my job with this.

And i want to ask if finally, it is worth it to connect it with spdif? Will i have better sound quality? Or just connect it through analog cables.
With Analog i take 5.1 sounds normally?
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