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Whole Home DVR Issue! Please help

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OK, so I had Cox come and install the Whole Home DVR today. I have three client boxes so I can record up to 6 shows. But anyways, the issue. Two of the boxes keep flashing "noCP" and I, the tech guy, and their wonderful tech support, can't figure out what it is. Its weird because one of the boxes doesn't do it?! Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it? I have tried unplugging the DVR and plugging in, I have also tried unplugging all the cables including HDMI and plugging in, but nothing. The DVR is a Cisco Explorer 8642HDC. Any advice would be great! Also the boxes work, the picture shows, the channels play, everything works expect its flashing that "noCP".
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Here's something that may help: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100212074110AAzuP55

for noCP, there's also:
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National Officials Certification Program

so the first link may be the best. I'm surprised Cox's techs don't know what to do. They have all the STB manuals.

Good luck with your cables.

p.s. someone else suggested the boxes displaying noCP need head end authorization before moving on, but since you said everything is working... maybe Cox only authorized the DVR box and not your clients.
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