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OK, what the heck happened to Boston Acoustics VS 260?

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I leave avsforum for a few months and look what happens, can't find a pair of VS 260 anywhere. mad.gif

Meh, it's not that bad. I have a need for another 2 channel setup, was hoping to stay under $1k or so for speakers. Almost went with Dynaudio Excite X12 (would love to have Focus 160 though - drool), but I won't spend much time in this room so decided it wasn't quite worth it. I heard a pair of the VS 260 over the holidays and was very impressed (yes, it very well could have been copious amounts of wine and cognac), now that I need them I learn that they've been discontinued. I need bigger sound than my Mordaunt Short, smaller than my Philharmonic Audio.

So, Kef Q300 it is. I haven't heard them, no chance for an audition. Comments, additional suggestions, even criticism for buying another set of speakers without listening are welcome. I do reserve the right to flip you off though. tongue.gif

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They were on closeout when Vanns had them. Not surprising they are gone.

Guess you have to start reading the forums again and doing research, getting drawn into better speaker options, and then end up spending more money than you planned biggrin.gif
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Oh, and add these to your list of consideration. Just to get you started at spending more money wink.gif
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Hey there cel! Hah! I posted for the very excitement value you've delivered smile.gif Momma didn't raise no dummy, I ordered before I posted! There's a kajillion choices in 2-way bookshelf speakers. I went back to Crutchfield and went through the lineup at around $1k a pair - Def Tech, NHT, Klipsch, PSB, JBL - and walked away with a headache, then to a specialty store for B&W just to remind myself that I didn't like them either. Then came here and read through several threads. If you'll recall I was particularly attracted to Mordaunt-Short, so Kef kept coming up. It didn't take long to narrow it down. If I don't like them they can be returned, but I have a feeling they will work out just fine.

I'm impressed, you recommended speakers under budget! wink.gif
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