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Monitor Audio RX6 & RX center VS Paradigm studio 60s & 490 center

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Looking for some advice for upgrading my current front speakers for mainly home theatre usage. Currently have paradigm monitor 9s v.2 and cc-350 v.2 with in wall surrounds.. Just looking to upgrade the front stage right now to take it to the next level. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The speakers in the subject line are what I'm considering. Thanks.

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I'm in the middle of picking some new speakers and am considering the two you listed. Have you listened to them?

IMO, and not surprisingly, you get a little bit more of everything with the studio 60s: better clarity in the mids, better extension in the highs, and more depth in the bass. But as I'm sure you know, you also are spending >$1000 more on the studio 60s so it's not an apples to apples comparison. I listened to both these speakers, but in different settings, and for me the studio 60s aren't worth the premium over the RX6. I also think the RX6 will be an upgrade, and you can spend the rest of the money on more subs if you don't have enough already smile.gif.

My favorites so far have been the RX6 in the ~1k range (compared to B&W and PSB), and the Focal W and Kef R series in the ~$2.5k range (compared to Paradigm). But as you will most likely hear from everyone who responds to your thread, it doesn't matter what we like, only what you've listened to and enjoyed.

If you want more suggestions in a price range, let everyone know what you want to spend. You'll also get plenty of recos of ID brands as well.
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I appreciate the input. I haven't listened to either set but may be listening to the studio 60s and the 490 this week. I hadn't even considered the monitor audios until someone on here mentioned them. I then spoke with a dealer that has sold both and he's pretty much abandoned paradigm for monitor audios in his custom install setups. I thought that was interesting. He doesn't have an A/V store with rooms to listen to speakers. He only does custom install work.I have listened to the paradigm studio 100s and I know they are nice but their too big for my setup.

Do you know if eeither speaker is easier to drive? That was one of my concerns as well. I have a Yamaha rx-3000 that's 100 watts per channel. Yamaha was once known for always understating the output of the receivers.

My budget for the new speakers would be $2500-3000. I want these to be it for the next 20 years or longer if possible.
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I think MA RX6s gives a good bang for the buck compared to the Paradigm S60s, which is probably what the dealer you spoke with is looking for.

The Paradigms are easier to drive, but neither should be a problem for your AVR unless you like to listen at very loud levels.

Again, it's really a matter of personal preference and cost, not what people here suggest. But....

If you can, look at Dynaudio, Focal, Kef, Swan, and Philharmonic. All are great speakers, but all sound different.
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Hey jobio, thought I would let u know that I was able to listen to the studio 60s as well as the rx-6s. I also listened to the new paradigm monitor 11s v.7. I listened to the paradigms one day and then the monitor audios the next day at a different location. I thought the studio 60s sounded much better than the monitor 11s especially in the mid range area. I was surprised at the small size of the studio 60s. My brother has the studio 100s and they are substantially bigger than the 60s. With that said, I went to listen to the rx 6s the next day, and I was blown away. I thought the low end on the rx 6s was better than the studio 60s. High and mid range was really clean sounding to me on the rx6s as well. I ordered the rx6s in the black gloss as well as the rx center in black gloss. I can't wait to get them. It takes about 2 weeks to get them in. I bought them last Saturday. The next dilemma I have now is that I'm itching to upgrade my avr. I have an older top of the line Yamaha that's been flawless since I bought it 10 yrs ago but it doesn't have audessey, HDMI, or dolby hd , etc. I've been looking at the pioneer elite and marantz receivers. The pioneer remotes suck so I would definitely have to buy a new remote but I've heard the elite receiver have great sound these days. I've also heard the new marantz avrs sound really good as well.

ew f rx 6s
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