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Late 2012 I bought one of the new 533 Maggie 320GB to supplement the 515 I bought a couple of yrs ago.

Everything was going great, then one day last week, in the middle of recording a show I noticed there was a low buzzing sound in the background. Sure enough the sound also turned up in the background of the recording when I transferred the movie to my hard drive.

By process of elimination including swapping around equipment, I was able to deduce it is coming from the maggie. It is not bad cables, not the TV, not the set top box, not interference from other equipment, etc. It is definitely from the new 533 maggie.

It is also not just harmonics of how the box is situated. It is an actual hum/buzz that is being generated by the 533 and it can be heard whether it is in record mode or not.

To be clear about my hook up configration, I have the 533 running as a slave to the set top box in my normal config since my stb can record 4 channels at once. But the buzzing sound occurs even if the stb is disconnected and the only thing hooked up to the tv is the 533. Also, I have tried the same maggie with two different TV's and the problem occurs with both tvs, but the problem goes away when I use my old maggie instead.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did it work out? Was it covered by the maggie warranty?

Thanks in advance for any help you can suggest.