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Hey All,

I been trying to locate parts specifically the first surface Mirror and Fresenel & Lenticular lenses used in these RPTV's for a Project I am trying to do..

I am trying to build a "Trident" on the cheap and need these parts to complete it..

I was looking everywhere but can NOT find any part consistency, I need 3 identical part for a 3 Screen Rear projectiion screen setup..

I currently use a Fron Projection setup but been thinking making it Rear projection and as most know Translucent screens are rather expensive and I been seeing these in a price range that to me would be cost effective..

I am NOT looking to track these parts down via looking in Craigslist or Freecycle. I would rather buy them from a dealer and be done with it.. as too save me time and money..

I found a store on ebay that sells them but what else is there someone has to sell these things..

OR should I just keep the Front Projection setup seen here:

I am upgrading to new 3D DLP Projectors for nVidias 3D Vision.. these in the video work but not 100% correctly in 3D
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