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Speake wire and Cat 6

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As you can see today was a big demo day(me and my wife)eek.gifsmile.gif. The walls are coming down next but all new rock is going to go up next weekend so I don't have much time. I really want to make sure I run all the wire necessary. What type/brand of speaker wire should I run. Also should I runs some Cat 6? Not even sure what I will need it or. I will have a 5.1 system hardwired in the living room and (2) speakers on the deck. I want to control my music wireless. Is there some sort of display/touch screen that I can mount to a wall an control all the music that way even. What devices are there for that and what type of wiring? I still want to control from iphone, ipad etc. but a nice touchscreen on the wall seems nice. Also what plates will I need to mount to my wall behind my tv and equipment cabinet so my wiring is hidden?

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Horse, you've started a lot of threads asking a lot of questions, and I'm afraid you're moving too fast on the actual work without knowing what it is you want when you get done... Hard to stop now that you've got the room demo'ed.

Use in-wall (aka CL2 or CL3) speaker wire (Monoprice has the stuff), and cat5e or cat6. Run a cat5e to locations at switch-height for potential keypads. You can either put a low-volt mud ring there, or document the wire locations, secure them and hide them behind the drywall.

But the question is going to be - run wires to where? Everything has to connect to something else at the other end - are you going to have a path to a central location? If not, bring everything to wherever your equipment will be in that room.

Not really a lot else we can do to help you at this point - you've lit the fuse. smile.gif

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