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IKEA boxes

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So I was at the local IKEA store and in their closeout area came across 4 Red Oak 25" X 50" counter tops that are 1.5 inches thick. My typical speaker box is a rather boring plain MDF square. Since I have a pair of Exodus Audio 21"subs stuck in my laundry room door along with 6 car subs and my wife wants her door back, I figured I would see if these counter tops would help my subs aesthetics. I plan on laminating 3/4 and1/2 mdf together for the sides and backs, them 2 layers of 3/4 ply plus 1/2 mdf for the front. I calculate total cabinet volume of abt 12 cu ft.

Back side of Laundry room door. 15" and 21" speakers

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Did you get the little allen key? Otherwise you won't be able to put anything from Ikea together.
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LOL, I believe in the almighty power of PL premium fast grab glue! Looks like I will have to get my oldest son to help make my pictures visible on the page.
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Pictures are easy. Go and open a photobucket account and upload pics to it. Click on the image you want to link to and on the right will be a drop down named 'Image Links'. Click on that and it drop down and show several options. Click on IMG code and that will copy the URL as well as the IMG /IMG tags to your clipboard. Paste that into the forum Reply Box and when you post, it will automatically link to your pic.

Screenshot from my photobucket showing the links.

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Got my kid to do something to open those pictures, you can see I am too old to do computers, now back to gluing together the 2nd box!
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